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What is Cluvio?

Cluvio is a cloud-based data analytics platform designed to help small and medium businesses get the most out of their data by uncovering insights that can help them make better business decisions and steer their company to success. With Cluvio, you can use SQL and the R programming language to analyze your data and derive insights, which the system then uses as the foundation for beautiful, interactive dashboards that are accessible and viewable across your entire organization. Businesses can uncover a treasure trove of insights buried beneath mountains of data. Cluvio can locate them, assess them, and display them on your wall in a way that you and your team can easily understand. Your dashboard has the data you need, including indicators like daily active users, monthly recurring revenue, and daily signups, to name a few. Making critical business decisions becomes quick and easy when you have quick and easy access to reliable and real-time data.

Cluvio assists you in maximizing the value of your data. The system’s interactive dashboards make it simple to categorize reports using time-based and custom filters. That means your dashboard will display the data you require, allowing you to identify opportunities quickly, gain highly actionable insights, and act on them to maximize the value of your discoveries. Invite all of your coworkers and share your company’s dashboards. View-only users are entirely free across the Cluvio team’s plans, allowing anyone to begin making data-driven decisions. Our almanac database will enable you to dig deeper into your datasets. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, the program will suggest the best ways to view your data for you. Send a secure sharing link to others to share dashboards. Anyone can access the dashboard without logging in using that link. SQL fragments convert a frequently used SQL into a single detail that is reused throughout the program. Sharing a dashboard or report with users regularly via email is a great way to “send” information, get a regular snapshot, or start conversations. The dashboard can be included in the email as an image, PDF, Excel, or CSV file. Analyze your query and results, and the software will suggest the best ways to visualize them as graphs automatically.

Users filter the results according to their criteria and share a dashboard view with a specific set of filters applied. Dashboards are also optimized for different types of displays. Whether you’re using a laptop or a wall-mounted monitor, they’ll look fantastic. Cluvio enables analysts to run custom R scripts on top of SQL query results. It allows users to fully utilize and maximize the power of R for analysis that would require more effort if performed in raw SQL and perform advanced or predictive analyses that go far beyond SQL’s capabilities. Cluvio also works with Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, AWS Aurora, Google Cloud Spanner, Google BigQuery, Google CloudSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. Although Cluvio is a cloud-based business intelligence platform, businesses with sensitive data can run it on their virtual machines in the cloud or on-premise. Cluvio’s cloud service employs stringent security protocols to safeguard its data, preventing unauthorized third-party access and protecting your data from attacks.

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