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What is Confluence?

Confluence is a collaborative workplace where you can create and manage all of your projects. Confluence is open and collaborative, unlike document and file-sharing solutions, allowing your team and company to accomplish their best work together. The more individuals in an organization who use it, the more value teams get from technical teams and project management to marketing, HR, and finance. Confluence makes it simple to organize and locate the data you require. Group related pages together in a dedicated location for your work, team, or cross-functional initiatives.

A space in Confluence can be made open to just you or the entire company, depending on permissions. Page trees, which generate a hierarchical list of pages within a space, help keep work organized by highlighting subjects on parent pages.  To find any page ever generated, do a quick search. You can even track down a comment left on a page. You can look for work done by someone who has left your organization even after they have left, ensuring that knowledge is never lost. Confluence is a flexible platform for all your team’s work, whether you need to collect meeting notes, document product requirements, or kick off a design review. Confluence may be tailored to your individual work style to create a comfortable environment for your team to collaborate. Confluence’s open workspace enables teams to generate, review, amend, and finalize plans collaboratively, ensuring that work gets done.

It’s no surprise that Confluence integrates with Atlassian products. Its pages are perfect for Jira Software tickets or Trello cards and boards. Copy and paste Jira tickets into your Confluence pages, or right-click on the highlighted text to generate new tickets directly from your page. If you’re a Trello user, you can change your cards directly from Confluence pages. There are hundreds of Confluence apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace, in addition to seamless Atlassian integrations. Whether you want to add spreadsheets to your page, insert diagrams, show off design prototypes, or interface with other popular apps like Google Drive or Salesforce, Marketplace apps make it simple to give your pages more power.

You can work from anywhere by syncing Confluence with your iOS or Android device. You can keep track of team activity, provide feedback, and keep your mobile and desktop devices in sync. You may create an area on Confluence for each team, department, or big project to share information and stay organized. Each commercial Server license comes with a year of technical support from Atlassian. While your Cloud and Data Center membership is active, you will receive support at all times. Confluence is by default open, but you may specify organized permissions and limitations. That means you could, for example, share a project with a customer and get feedback without them seeing anything else you’re working on. You can also make a public space so your customers may see but not modify your support content. Confluence also includes a mobile app that you can use on your phone or tablet anywhere you have an internet connection. Confluence is available for mobile devices. Confluence features a Marketplace of free and paid apps that you may use to extend its capabilities and adapt it to a range of specialized use cases.

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