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What is Conga Partners?

Conga is a leader in commercial operations transformation, assisting companies in streamlining and automating their approach to the critical quotes, contracts, and documents that drive commerce. The Conga Partners Program helps businesses grow and add value to their customers. It gives Partners access to a Partner team and self-serve resources for sales and marketing consulting. Conga has long been the go-to app for Salesforce users looking to get the most out of their CRM investment and shorten their sales cycle. By automating data, documents, contracts, and reporting, the Conga Suite of products, which includes Composer, the #1 paid app on the Salesforce AppExchange, increases the value of the Sales Cloud. Conga has rapidly grown a user base of over 150,000 users in 45+ countries, across all industries, as a Salesforce Platinum Partner with industry-recognized products and support. Thousands of customers, including Hilton Worldwide, Sony, Expedia, Schumacher Group, and CBRE, rely on Conga daily to manage and simplify critical business processes.

Advanced data management will help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment. Conga ActionGrid is an action grid created by Conga. We believe that good data management in Salesforce is the first step toward accelerating your sales cycle. Salesforce can be turned on and off as needed. Users can easily update, manage, and act on data in Salesforce by converting Lists and Related Lists into Excel-like spreadsheets and increasing data integrity. Conga Composer assists businesses in getting the most out of their CRM investment with quotes, invoices, account plans, and reports that are all customized. Increase time to revenue by simplifying the sales process. The capacity of Conga stands out in the crowded Salesforce AppExchange because it can combine data from anywhere in Salesforce to create enterprise-grade professional documents with rich text and images. Conga Novatus automates the entire Contract Lifecycle. The management process, which includes drafting, negotiation, workflow and approvals, reporting, renewal management, and electronic signature, simplifies contract management for businesses, allowing faster resolution and better storage. Conga Reporting provides deep insight and visibility into Salesforce revenue-generating activities without requiring manual data analysis and number crunching hours. Complex reports can be scheduled to be delivered to individuals both inside and outside your Salesforce organization. It allows you to make the decisions you need to speed up the sales cycle and revenue.

The Conga partner ecosystem has 38 partners, according to the Partner base. There are 25 technology partners and 13 channel partners among these partners. The most prominent partners in this ecosystem are Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Adobe. We assist our customers in becoming more agile to respond to change quickly and provide a fluid, connected customer experience. Companies choose Conga because of its comprehensive solution set and expert guidance. It allows them to transform processes and documents related to customer engagement, configure price quotes (CPQ), contract lifecycle management (CLM), and the entire commercial operations lifecycle. Businesses use Conga to improve their retail operations by streamlining revenue processes and gaining valuable insights into long-term growth. Conga is based in San Mateo, California, and has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. To meet your customers’ complex business needs, become a solution provider. As a trusted partner, you can help customers simplify their sales processes, streamline internal infrastructures, and generate revenue growth. Conga is transforming commercial operations for thousands of businesses, streamlining internal processes and increasing revenue. We can solve almost any problem with our end-to-end suite of tools. Conga has painstakingly assembled, merged, and curated the best organizational tools available to create a comprehensive set of operational solutions. Our reputation for outstanding customer success and 2,000 five-star reviews speak for themselves.

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