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What is ConvertKit?

Create easy forms and drip campaigns to send mails to new subscribers with Convertkit automatically. This marketing automation tool provides a simple solution for drip email campaigns. We make it easier for creators like you to make money online by creating devices that allow you to expand your audience, connect with your true fans, and sell digital products and services. To encourage your casual social media followers, YouTube viewers, or blog readers to come back again and again! You can build a following by sharing your ideas and projects and providing value. Personalized content, such as beginner content for newbies and advanced content for those with experience, can make email even more personal by giving your audience exactly what they need. You can build trust with your audience and demonstrate your expertise by sending simply designed emails that consistently land in their inboxes. No additional integrations are required to create sales pages (or add a ‘buy now button to your website) and deliver your digital products automatically. Automatically send subscribers well-timed content to get them ready to buy, then pitch your product or service at the right time.

Several email marketing automation tools hamper your efforts. The automation tool in ConvertKit is simple to use. With our visual email automation platform targeted content to the humans in your audience, you can send well-timed, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your online business. There’s no need to open multiple tabs or risk losing your mind. Click on your workflow and open the item in the same window to edit a form or sequence. It’s a good example of email marketing at work. You can watch your email funnels take shape as you build them and experience your arrangements the same way your subscriber does by creating intuitive and powerful automation. We concentrate on the one thing we excel at: email marketing. We also collaborate with the best partners to develop integrations that allow you to continue to automate your email marketing campaigns. Can you make a broadcast that will automatically deliver your blog posts to your target audience? You can set it up to send it every time a new post is published, or you can send it once a week or once a month as a digest. You’ll have one less thing to do on your to-do list. Schedule a digest on specific days and times to ensure that your emails reach your audience when they expect them. Filtering by tags, segments, date subscribed, or even by the first name makes it simple to ensure that the right people will regularly receive your content. You have the option of broadcasting to everyone or a very specific group of people.

You can make a more meaningful connection with the people on your email list if you know more about them. You can give your customers and top subscribers the attention they deserve and re-engage those who may be drifting away with our simple subscriber scoring system. You can see how your clicks and opens have changed over time with the Deliverability Reporting dashboard. So, the next time you hear a complaint, you can look into specific platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) or look at specific user segments to figure out what’s going on. Growing your email list cannot be easy if you’re not careful. With a free Sparkloop account included in Creator Pro, you can give rewards to your subscribers for referring their friends, and your list will grow automatically with each email you send. Are you tired of manually targeting specific audiences with Facebook ad segments? You can sync your ConvertKit details directly to Facebook using our direct integration with Facebook Custom Audiences. There’s no need to sift through lists or start from scratch. You can quickly create niche campaigns that convert your advertising dollars into sales.

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