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What is BambooHR?

Copper is an excellent, easy-to-use CRM for business owners to develop customer relationships and handle more sales leads. Copper allows users to save more time. Copper’s integration with Gmail and other Google apps lets you assign all of your emails and other interactions to the appropriate contact. Copper allows you to see all of your sales and relationship essentials in one place, including email threads, previous interactions, and tasks. Copper is the world’s first zero-input CRM, allowing you to track your deals in real-time using our visual pipeline. We automate the following steps so you can focus on selling, whether it’s sending calendar invites, setting follow-up tasks, updating statuses, or sending out a proposal. Copper eliminates the need for manual data entry by importing data directly from the G Suite suite of products. All of your company’s decision-makers can be gathered and focused on generating leads and closing deals. Copper CRM’s creators realized that a segment of the CRM market is underserved: Google Workspace users. As a result, they created a completely integrated solution with it. As a result, it’s Google’s only sales automation recommendation. 

Copper CRM closely resembles the look, feel, and functionality of Google products, making it simple to use. Copper CRM also integrates with Google Workspace apps such as Google Contacts and Calendar. You can leave your inbox to use it because it integrates directly into Gmail, allowing you to save time and get more done. You can use workflow and task automation in Copper’s top two tiers to eliminate manual data entry and repetitive administrative tasks. Two-way sync between Copper and Google Contacts is another time-saver. Updated contact information in one system automatically updates in the other, ensuring you always have the most current customer information. Everything is straightforward rather than overcomplicating workflows, systems, and automation. Use the intuitive sidebar to find what you’re looking for, whether tasking, tracked emails, opportunities, or companies. Copper accomplishes what other tools require multiple clicks through various screens in seconds. With contact profiles, you can get all the information you need about a customer at a glance. All details, activity, and related information are conveniently stored within a profile, ensuring that users never have to look for what they need. Copper CRM’s mobile app is also refreshingly simple. Copper CRM includes a comprehensive set of lead management tools to assist you and your team in generating, store, and nurturing new leads. It dramatically simplifies the process, whether you prefer manually entering them or bulk importing existing leads from Excel, Salesforce, or LinkedIn. To avoid manual data entry, you can create new information from incoming calls. It can even function as a personal assistant, searching through emails and other recorded interactions to recommend actions based on the conversation’s context. It’ll tell you if someone is a potential lead, and you can choose whether to accept or reject them as a new lead in the system. Based on where a charge is in the pipeline, you can set up custom triggers and reminders. While reporting may appear to be a difficult task, Copper CRM makes it simple and accessible to everyone on your team. You can quickly lay out the essential data you need to see (or share) at a glance using templates and a drag-and-drop interface. Do you want a report on all of your pipelines’ opportunities won and lost? It’s no problem. If you’re going to look at an activity report to see what conversations you’ve had with prospects, leads, and contacts? Just a few clicks to begin. Custom reporting is only available on the Business and Professional plans. Primary users have access to legacy reports, but they are limited in customization. 

Because of the emphasis on simplicity and education, switching to Copper is a notoriously painless experience. Copper prides itself on taking only a few days to bring your team up to speed, rather than weeks or months (or less). Hundreds of guides, videos, and tutorials are available to assist you with everything from setting up the system to onboarding your team. When you combine that with a worry-free, step-by-step onboarding process, getting started is a breeze. Copper is known for its outstanding customer service, which is available at all times. When selecting a CRM system, security is frequently overlooked. People often mistake assuming safety is built-in, which can be disastrous. Copper places a high priority on user and data security, which we are pleased to report. Copper uses top-of-the-line backup and data-resiliency systems. Third-party testing of these security systems is done regularly to ensure that they are up to industry standards. Internally, Copper has a strict access control policy to protect user data. All synced emails are private, and only administrators and account owners have access to them. It handles critical events with comprehensive incident management and a data confidentiality policy. Finally, Copper CRM follows all SSO, OpenID, API, Google Cloud, and OAuth best practices to the letter. Copper CRM is beneficial in a variety of industries. It aids in client relations for agencies. It enables real estate firms to manage a more significant number of listings. Copper enables tech companies to scale quickly without worrying about data entry errors. It also contains deals in collaboration with consulting and corporate development firms

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