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What is CoSchedule?

It’s cloud-based content management as a service (CMaaS) solution aimed at agencies, businesses, bloggers, and individuals. CoSchedule lets you manage, schedule, and coordinate all aspects of your content marketing, including content creation, posting, campaigns, and promotions, from the front end. The tool also includes Social Media and WordPress plug-ins, allowing you to automatically share and integrate your content with your calendar. It makes managing your social, email, and other content campaigns painless and straightforward. CoSchedule is the only way to keep track of your marketing campaigns in one place. 

CoSchedule serves over 5,000 customers worldwide as a family of agile marketing products, assisting you in staying focused, completing projects on time, and keeping your entire marketing team happy. CoSchedule is an all-in-one platform for content marketing planning, organization, and execution. Its simple drag-and-drop calendar interface makes collaborating and scheduling all of your projects in one place a breeze. Most of the social media marketing platforms we examined placed a premium on planning social media messages across multiple accounts. It is something that CoSchedule provides. It allows you to turn your thoughts into exciting content. This text editor already integrates with Evernote, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs, allowing you to create, review, and access content. The built-in headline analyzer is included to assist you in crafting, analyzing, and optimizing your copy’s headlines. You can optimize SEO, traffic, social signals, and more by testing the power, emotional, and other metrics that show how catchy your headlines are. For all of your content campaigns, get data-driven insights. The analytics tools show how well your campaigns perform in terms of engagement, shares, and other metrics. You can create, schedule, and manage your email activities and other aspects of your content marketing with the integrated email marketing feature.

Constant Contact, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp are email marketing tools. You can automate your social media publishing with the auto social publishing and scheduling feature. To put your best foot forward when it comes to social, we use social media campaign templates, best-time scheduling, and automation tools. The built-in ideas board allows you to bounce ideas off each other and avoid clogging your inboxes by preventing the use of messy spreadsheets. It’s a fantastic way to develop new ideas and go over old ones before entering them into the calendar. Everything is a breeze with CoSchedule’s drag-and-drop capability. You can create tasks for every step of your workflow with the Project workflow manager. Even better, each assignment includes a checkbox that you can mark as you complete the required steps. CoSchedule’s Workflow Manager is what the doctor ordered if you have trouble focusing on your tasks. You can plan and execute everything on your editorial calendar with CoSchedule. Each content campaign and project can be added to this cross-functional and collaborative calendar, which will help you stay on top of all your content marketing activities.

The exact steps you take when using CoSchedule will vary depending on the size of your company, your marketing needs, and the options you choose. The calendar is the heart of CoSchedule (an agency would have multiple calendars). So you start the process of configuring CoSchedule by naming your calendar. In your calendar, you’ll see all of your upcoming blog posts, social media posts, email blasts, and other types of content. Your calendar also displays the To-Do tasks you and your team have set for creating and disseminating the material.

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