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What is is a messaging platform that lets marketers turn a concept into a powerful automated message campaign. Your data should grow and change at the same rate as the rest of the world. Our powerful logic-based tools enable you to capture every edge case and connect with your audience’s real people. They are built with flexibility in mind, usability in mind, and affordability in mind. Emails in are a little different than they are in other platforms. There’s the message itself, and who you’re sending it to, how you’re sending it, and how it looks. All of these things are found in various places throughout our app. The profile refers to all of the information about a person stored in Attributes, Segments, Devices, Drafts, Sent Messages, Activity logs, and Journeys are all found in a person’s profile. Segments, Campaigns, and Broadcasts are all fed by your profile data and activity. It enables you to send more targeted and personalized messages, increasing activities.

Campaigns and Broadcasts send messages to people in your account via email, SMS, and push notifications. You can also update your profile attributes and send Slack messages. You can also send data to any public third-party API, such as Zapier or Stitch, or your system. Emails in response to your audience’s actions in your app are known as transactional messages. You can send one or more messages in a workflow sequence using campaigns. When people meet the Campaign’s trigger condition, they enter on their own time (s). The movement will trigger when events are performed, needs are met, or a specific date for a customer occurs. Campaigns are perfect for drip-feeding content to individuals as they become eligible. Examples are password reset emails, payment receipts, welcome messages, re-engagement series, and abandoned cart notices. Broadcast allows you to send messages to a group of people at once, based on a defined recipient list. Broadcast messages will be queued for delivery to all designated recipients when you specify. Broadcasts are ideal for sending bulk newsletters or triggering announcements programmatically. Examples are traditional newsletter messages, pre-scheduled announcements, periodic release notes, community alerts, and event change notifications. Transactional emails are a quick and easy way to respond to your app’s users’ actions. Transactional messages are one-to-one interactions, unlike broadcasts and campaigns. Purchase receipts, registration confirmations, password resets, event reminders, and shipping updates are excellent candidates for transactional messages. 

All objects listed above are grouped in’s “Workspaces.” Each Workspace has its own set of People, Segments, Campaigns, Broadcasts, and other features. Each Workspace’s data and configuration are not shared with any additional Workspace. Workspaces are used to separate different groups or messages while still allowing all team members access. Independent businesses, diverse product lines, distinct audiences, multiple departments, proof of concepts, and confined experiments are all examples of possible uses. Our system is set up to collect data on your customers and their actions in your system. As a result, we can send highly targeted messages based on that activity. Your success must take a deliberate approach to map your product’s user and behavioral data to

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