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What is Dashpivot?

Dashpivot enables businesses to digitize and streamline how they capture, organize, and track work, allowing them to be more efficient and productive every day in the office and on the job. Dashpivot is used by thousands of engineers, forepersons, project managers, and projects of all sizes in over 60 countries. It was built for the industries (construction, infrastructure, power, mining, oil and gas, and more) and is designed to work across all functions. Dashpivot is a project management and delivery solution that helps construction, oil and gas, mining, and other industrial companies improve how they work and deliver projects daily. The flexible, end-to-end software provides businesses with an entirely digital system that captures what’s going on on the ground, organizes and automates site data movement, and displays it in workflows and analytics dashboards. Dashpivot provides engineers, forepersons, supervisors, and project managers with clean digital data and control over operating procedures, letting them make better decisions about improving projects and what to do next. Users can use the drag-and-drop form builder to create custom digital forms, or they can start with Dashpivot’s extensive library of accessible documents.

The timeline view helps users with diaries, checklists, reports, and dockets by providing an organized list of all form entries in chronological order. The workflow view helps manage approvals, permits, events, and variations because it automates workflows and allows users to see exactly where everything is and who is responsible. The register view summarizes and displays all form entries without any manual data entry, including photos and signatures. Dashpivot allows users to fill out, clone, digitally sign and share forms, and take and tag pictures and videos, which helps to improve and speed up work. Organizations can annotate and mark up PDFs directly on site using the native Dashpivot app for mobile and tablet devices to capture and track progress and issues while on the go. Dashpivot automatically aggregates all data from forms and activity with a single click or toggle of a filter, allowing users to access custom analytics and insights. Dashpivot is a full-featured project management solution for agencies and businesses. Dashpivot specializes in end-to-end Windows solutions. This online Project Management system combines Forms Management, Incident Management, Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Budget Management, and Idea Management into one convenient solution. Dashpivot is powered by Sitemate Technologies, a technology, and software company founded by engineers who had firsthand experience with the problems and pain-points faced by businesses of all sizes, such as the mountains of paperwork required to get the job done and the challenges of understanding what’s going on in projects and teams. Sitemate’s project delivery solution, Dashpivot, aims to improve how companies in the industry capture, automate, and track their work.

Dashpivot was created to work the way you want it to. Every feature of the software, as well as every job you complete – whether it’s a site diary, an ITP, or a safety permit – can be customized and edited. With a single streamlined management system created for industrial companies, you can eliminate unnecessary paper, spreadsheets, word docs, PDFs, folders, and clunky software. Managing team, project, and company information across multiple systems lead to inaccurate data, lost records, and countless hours of manual entry and formatting. You can get your entire workforce on the same procedure with Dashpivot, making information and communication simple and efficient for everyone in the field and the office. Consolidate your field records into a single system and streamline how your entire workforce signs off and submits method statements, timesheets, inductions, incident reports, and more. It’s entirely free for all external visitors and single submission forms. There’s a low-cost paid user type for specific internal use cases, making digitizing all of your paperwork affordable and straightforward.

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