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What is DealRoom?

The world’s first and only Agile M&A diligence management platform and virtual data room, designed to reduce work, track progress, and use analytics on a single centralized project management system. DealRoom is 40 percent faster than a traditional data room and up to 50% less expensive. DealRoom brings together virtual data rooms, communication tools, pipeline management, and diligence tracking all in one place. Users can upload files in bulk to DealRoom using drag-and-drop upload and automatic indexing. Users can control which documents can be viewed, downloaded, or printed by managing permissions for each file and folder. Watermarks can be applied as needed. Full-text search locates information or documents based on phrases or keywords, and files can be linked to requests, allowing users to see related recommendations from within the document.

All requests are displayed in a visual list, giving users an instant overview of their priority, status, and most recent update date. Custom labels can be used to organize requests even more, and the quality of all requests can be viewed on one page. By automatically suggesting previous responses and related documents, DealRoom eliminates the need to respond to duplicate requests manually. Due diligence progress can be tracked over time, and any bids marked as high priority or high risk can be closely monitored. All documented activity, such as who uploaded or downloaded files, viewed documents, and when, can be tracked. Users can see which buyers spend the most time reviewing diligence requests because buyer engagement is visualized. Drag-and-drop upload allows users to bulk upload documents, files, and folders. All files are automatically indexed, and users can control viewing, downloading, and printing restrictions. Full-text search allows users to locate information or documents based on keywords or phrases, including keyword search within documents. DealRoom is a flexible project management platform aimed primarily at professionals and businesses involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). It allows users to reach mutually beneficial agreements while saving time, money, and effort. It allows users to keep track of each project’s progress and cut down on its time to close deals. It also has robust analytics, allowing users to analyze data to identify and address issues to avoid project derailment. Users can upload large numbers of documents using the drag-and-drop interface. It uses machine learning to detect duplicate requests and automatically collects existing answers or records. Onboarding packages are available, and a free trial and monthly services. Security offers custom watermarks for documents that include the name and date of the person who downloaded the copy to prevent information leakage. Users can also choose whether to view, print, or download files. Two-factor authentication, encrypted and protected data, a strict ID protocol, and other security features are included. Allows all project participants, from core team members to external consultants, to collaborate in a fully integrated manner. Assign responsibilities to individuals or groups and track progress in various workflows to better understand where employees are on the project timeline. Manage diligence requests in real-time to keep work processes organized, predictable, and risk-free. Capture and use critical data to inform strategic decision-making and essential dealings.Customize the deal dashboard by adding the metadata that the team requires. Add action items and notes, quickly review targets, and see detailed deal information like deal lengths, start dates, and end dates, among other things. Regardless of the deal stage, stay organized, track deal flows, and see the big picture. It facilitates multiple sales at various locations to provide a comprehensive progress report. Allow team members to plan for success from the beginning of the transaction. Gain real-time visibility to solve strategic problems and find synergies. This visibility aids organizations in planning, shaping and transforming everything, which is critical for the PMI process to succeed.

The program comes with various tools that allow users to create projects, track their progress, and analyze trends. It does away with the need for traditional mail, spreadsheets, and data rooms. In a centralized environment, it allows for quick and transparent communication. It enables users to manage mergers and acquisitions using advanced, creative methods. It eliminates the need to manually scan documents and provides cloud apps to streamline all tasks. It saves users thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for an expensive onsite onboarding process. It has a ‘Recall’ feature that learns and automates processes, making administrative and repetitive tasks easier to complete. Documents relevant to specific requests are suggested by machine learning. The more people use this feature, the more trustworthy the recommendations become. Powerful Analytics also allows users to analyze more data with added value. It encourages due diligence analyses to aid in the early detection of problems and other diligence issues, ensuring that users have the information they need to make informed decisions. To increase accountability, assign clear roles to tasks and projects, such as assignee, reviewer, and follower. Users with work roles will receive a notification when the application has been updated. In the members’ section, you can see individual users’ information, functions, and deals. Use comment threads on specific tasks to speed up project progress. Integrate with various effective mergers and acquisitions tools to create a central hub for collaboration.

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