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What is Dext?

Dext is a pre-accounting tool that saves businesses and chartered accountants time when collecting and entering critical data. Dext allows you to sort through your documents and integrate them with your accounting system all in one place. It also allows you to send expense reports and business expenses and automatically categorize and store all of the data in a secure location. Dext helps you focus on what’s essential by ensuring you have as much information about a company as you need and providing the tools to turn that information into actionable insights. To put it plainly, we support you to all improve our businesses. Dext Prepare is a platform for managing receipts, invoices, and other documents used by companies to keep accurate and secure financial records. The Dext Prepare Mobile app is the quickest and most convenient way to send Dext Prepare physical receipts, invoices, and other documents. It’s what it’s made for, which is why it lacks some of the features of a web account. 

The Dext Prepare Mobile App is available in both iOS and Android versions. Emailing digital documents to Dext Prepare is the most convenient way. Any receipt or invoice you send to your Email-in address will be automatically extracted and added to the Costs Inbox. It’s now easier to create new documents because you can add Sales, Costs, and Bank items from a single workspace rather than switching between workspaces. Dext Prepare’s automated extraction engine will read all of the key information from a document and display it in an easily manageable format, ready for download or processing with related accounting software. For a minimum of ten years, an image of the document and its associated data will be kept on file. Feel free to toss that receipt; Dext Prepare will ensure that you are always compliant by securely storing your financial documents online, where they can be shared with colleagues, accountants, and bookkeepers. Here’s where you can learn more about Dext Prepare’s small business products. Dext Prepare allows you to manage the finances of multiple businesses from a single dashboard if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper. Dext is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that automates the pre-accounting process. It securely stores all of your receipts, invoices, and bank statements in one place, providing you with a real-time picture of your company’s finances. You have to take an image of the document and scan it. The Dext text recognition algorithm eliminates duplicates, extracts data, and converts it into a financial transaction. The imported data can be transferred to the accounting firm in a few simple clicks. This one-of-a-kind tool, which is also accessible via mobile, collects and organizes all documents and records in one place.

Don’t waste time manually entering your invoice data any longer. Dext takes all of the relevant data and converts it into accounting entries. Dext is your single point for collecting and archiving, accessible 24 hours a day and integrated into the accounting ecosystem. For your accountant, save time, money, and keep things simple. Free up time for higher-value tasks and business development, Automate and streamline the pre-accounting process, Take advantage of real-time monitoring, available 24 hours a day, Use 99 percent reliable optical character recognition (OCR) AI technology, Integrate the pre-accounting tool with the entire accounting ecosystem, Process data while complying with the Data Protection Regulation, (RGPD), Eliminate the risk of manual errors. Dext Prepare is recommended for businesses that process many receipts per month. It can reduce your workload by scanning receipts and extracting items. It can automatically record receipts with all essential data encoded. Dext Prepare will also appeal to accountants and bookkeepers because it simplifies receipt processing by publishing receipts directly into powerful accounting software. Partner Accounts from Dext Prepare are designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. These Partner Accounts enable them to create and manage multiple accounts for their clients in one place. Dext Prepare is one of our best receipt scanner apps because customers can upload invoices, receipts, and other financial documents directly to their accounts. Dext Prepare can save hours of clerical work for solopreneurs and manager-owners. With line item extractions, you can snap receipts and upload them to Dext, saving hours of data entry. Dext Prepare is accounting and bookkeeping software designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. Because Dext Prepare can integrate with Xero, Sage Accounting, and QuickBooks, our best small business accounting software, it aims to make accounting work more accessible.

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