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What is Docker?

Docker is an open platform tool that uses containers to make creating, deploying, and running applications easier. Containers allow us to separate applications from infrastructure, deploying applications and software more quickly. Docker can reduce the size of development by using containers to provide a smaller operating system footprint. Containers make it easier for teams from various departments to collaborate across applications, such as development, QA, and operations. Docker containers can be installed on any physical or virtual machine and in the cloud. Docker containers are highly scalable due to their lightweight.

We can manage our infrastructure in the same way we work our applications. Docker is similar to a virtual machine. It creates a new virtual machine from scratch, using the same Linux kernel. The Docker platform allows us to ship, test, and deploy code more quickly, reducing the time between making code and putting it into production. Docker is open-source, which means that anyone can use it and contribute to making it easier and adding features that aren’t currently available. The benefit of using Docker is that it allows you to build a package and run it in a sandbox environment known as a container. The Docker container system makes use of operating system virtualization to use and combine the components of an application system that can run on any Linux machine. We can run multiple containers in parallel on a single system because of the isolation and security features. Containers are small because they don’t require the extra resources of HyperV or VMware and instead run directly within the machine kernel. Docker containers can run on machines that are virtual/hyper machines. Docker Engine, Docker Containers, Docker Images, Docker Client, Docker Daemon, and other components make up the Docker core. 

The Docker engine is a Docker component responsible for creating and running Docker containers. A live running instance of a docker image is referred to as a docker container. Docker Engine is a client-server application with a daemon server that runs in the background. REST API allows programs to connect with the daemon and tell it what to do and a command-line interface client. The command-line interface client uses the Docker REST API to interact with the Docker daemon via CLI commands. The Docker daemon manages Docker images, containers, networks, and books by listening only to Docker API requests. To address Docker services, it also communicates with other daemons. The Docker client is the leading service Docker users use to communicate with Docker. When we use the “docker run” command, the client sends these commands to Docker, executing them. Docker allows us to build applications faster from components and eliminates errors when releasing code. On the same system, we can, for example, have two Docker containers running two different versions of the same app. Docker allows us to test our code before deploying it to production quickly.

It is a simple application and can be installed on a minimal Linux, Mac, or Windows system running a compatible Linux kernel or in a Virtual Machine with a Docker binary. We’ll be able to “dockerize” our application in just a few hours. We can usually launch Docker containers in under a minute and can be found all over the place. Containers can be deployed on desktops, physical servers, virtual machines, data centers, and public and private clouds, among other sites. We can also run the same containers everywhere.

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