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What is DocSend?

DocSend is a secured document-sharing platform that helps you identify who is interested in doing business with you and keeps your confidential documents out of the wrong hands. Protect your documents with security features like email verification—use Spaces, our virtual deal room, to share multiple copies with a single link. DocSend is already being used by over 17,000 businesses to protect and share their mission-critical documents. DocSend’s mobile-friendly viewer allows users to access and manage documents from any mobile or tablet device, anywhere, at any time. DocSend will enable users to quickly and easily find, track, and update records and share documents and send presentations by storing all content in one place. Thanks to a centralized content library, users have aligned around sales messages, campaigns, and collateral.

Users can create customized content deal rooms with all relevant deal content, such as case studies, product overviews, and proposals, using DocSend. Instant Read’ notifications and page-by-page analytics, for example, provide users with valuable insight into sales accounts by showing when, where, and how sales documents are viewed. Automatic notifications notify users when a prospect interacts with content, allowing for more efficient outreach. DocSend enables users to give live presentations such as sales decks and product overviews from any device and have real-time conversations with participants. Users can control their content with version control, internal links, and permission management tools. DocSend also has some integrations, including Salesforce, Outlook, IFTTT, Gmail, and Zapier, to help users be more productive. DocSend is a secure document-sharing platform that assists you in determining who is interested in doing business with you and keeps your confidential documents out of the wrong hands. Docsend makes it easier for salespeople to keep track of their sales content and how it’s being used. It makes sending documents and data to clients and other salespeople a breeze. It shows you when content is delivered, when it is opened, how long it is viewed, and if it is forwarded to anyone else. It’s also a good idea to make sure your salespeople use presentations and documents to maximize their productivity. It’s a fantastic way to send out pitch decks. It also keeps track of marketing documents and files and makes document transmission seamless and straightforward. DocSend’s intuitive integrations may help you eliminate some of the steps if you’re already using external task management apps like Trello. DocSend has features that make sharing documents online efficient and straightforward, whether uploading files, sending data, or document archiving.

Sharing documents often necessitates more than just sending a file. You may require receipt confirmation or a signature on occasion. DocSend allows your recipient to sign documents electronically without the need to download a third-party app. There will be no more offline document signing, scanning, or resending. Docsend also has a top-of-the-line document tracker that shows you who has viewed the documents you’ve sent. You can also make custom links that appear when a file has been opened and viewed. You can enable and disable specific permissions depending on the document’s content. You can set email verification requirements, set visibility expiration dates, and much more. Even after a copy has been delivered to a recipient’s inbox, DocSend allows you to update or edit it. Are you already a Chrome and Gmail user? DocSend can be used as a Chrome extension, allowing you to access all of the features without opening a new tab. You can share large files via email or Google Drive, with all the same tracking features as if you sent them directly through DocSend.

Similarly, if your company uses a Microsoft platform, DocSend provides the same Outlook and Gmail integrations. Your office does not have to be disrupted by going paperless. DocSend was created with regular users in mind and is designed to integrate seamlessly into daily life, so there isn’t much of a learning curve. The user interface is simple, with few options that could be confusing. Furthermore, because it’s designed to work where and how you already do, setup time is quick and requires effort on your part, making implementation a breeze. Using DocSend with third-party apps makes things even more accessible. DocSend is just as meticulous in curating resources as it is with its services. On the resources page, they organize content by the most recent articles and provide a variety of other ways to learn more about your account or challenge. DocSend is not only simple to set up, but it’s also simple to use. Its user interface is simple, and you can use it to supplement other systems you already use.

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