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What is Dotloop?

Dotloop is a real estate management platform used by over 9,000 brokerages and teams in the United States and Canada. Dotloop provides real estate brokers with transaction visibility, makes compliance easier for transaction coordinators, and empowers agents to provide clients with a referral-worthy experience – all from a single platform. Dotloop replaces your distinct form creation, e-sign, and real estate systems with an all-in-one platform that allows you to work smarter, close deals faster, and streamline your business with real-time transaction visibility. Dotloop equips managing brokers and team leaders with the tools they need to maximize their agents’ and company’s potential.

Real-time visibility – real estate leaders can effectively measure individual and business performance using reporting tools like dotloop Charts and Report Builder to make data-driven decisions. Dotloop’s robust compliance – with custom workflows built around your existing processes, it’s as flexible as you need it to be. Brokers and team leaders can empower their agents to deliver a consistent client experience that leads to more referral business by using features like Loop Templates. Branding tools – Dotloop’s ability to be customized with your logo and colors ensures that your brand is prominent throughout the transaction. Cloud storage – save time and money by reducing document storage costs and eliminating inefficiencies. dotloop is a fully functional Collaboration Software for SMEs and Agencies. dotloop offers end-to-end Web App development services. An electronic signature, document tagging, collaboration, contact management, and data storage management are all included in this online collaboration system. With text Messenger, a free in-app service, you can improve your client response time and receive real-time notifications.

Text Messenger allows you to send, view, edit, and receive eSignatures without downloading a client. Agents can easily export and track conversation history and receive time-stamped read receipts. The vendor promotes dotloop, an all-in-one real estate transaction management solution that provides brokers and teams with complete visibility into their operations and empowers agents to close deals. When listings are created in Dotloop, the platform offers a workspace where everyone involved in the sale can gain visibility. It allows agents to focus on “closing the loop.” Bringing in sellers, other team members, and even outside resources to develop a listing is an example of this. Agents can upload document templates, customize signature fields and checkboxes, and even simplify the signing process. When it comes to introducing buyers to the transaction process and ensuring that all documents are signed and finalized along the way, Dotloop makes it simple. Agents, sellers, and buyers can all participate in a more robust sales process with Dotloop. You can quickly copy and paste fields across your document with Dotloop’s keyboard shortcuts. It makes preparing a document for signing easier than ever. You’ll be able to do more than just sign with Dotloop. You can manage properties, gather user feedback, close deals, and so much more. You can sign and complete documents on the go with dotloop. Suppose you sign up for a free dotloop account. In that case, it will also be a secure storage location for your important documents. dotloop works similarly to other cloud-based services. It allows you to access your account and everything in it from anywhere.

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