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What is Drift?

Drift is a sales and marketing team’s cloud-based live chat, in-app messaging, and email management solution. It displays which page a visitor is on when they start a conversation. Suppose they enter their email address, name, location, social profile links, company, and job information. In that case, they are made available to users via the side profile drawer. Conversations can transfer between agents, and users are automatically notified when a chat is assigned. When an agent or visitor responds to the conversation, typing indicators appear. Discussions can tag with custom tags and filter exchanges based on their status. Users can create saved replies for common questions and hide messages from view outside of business hours.

In-app messaging allows users to select their customers with slider messages and full-page takeovers. URLs, scroll percentages, and defined segments can all be used to target groups. After a user-defined period, unread in-app messages can send via email. Surveys sent via email or in-app messages are used to determine the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Users can use a variety of triggers to create automated email campaigns for customer onboarding, churn prevention, and other purposes. You can personalize user chat experiences based on various factors, including the page they’re on, how many times they’ve visited, and how they arrived at your site. With over 50,000 customers and more than 400 employees, it used messaging and a marketing platform. The live feature is comparable in functionality and usability to similar live chat tools. On the company side, there is an inbox and a standard widget that visitors can use to chat with agents. You can choose to open the Conversations Inbox as a separate tab from the dashboard, or you can download the Drift desktop application to separate chats. It is possible to view both open and closed conversations. All of the necessary features are included. Drift, unlike other solutions, allows you to import customer data from different systems for content personalization, segmentation, and rich reporting. Drift Intel augments your contact profiles with data from third-party sources such as Crunchbase, SixSense, and ZoomInfo. Name of visitor, contact information, company name, and industry are examples of fields. Drift Audiences, which is included with the Enterprise plan, allows you to pull data from other systems into Drift. 

Most major software tools, such as Marketo and Salesforce, are integrated. Drift’s data is used to create Playbooks, which are essential and advanced marketing campaigns. Drift’s playbooks are targeted email and chat messages that are frequently sent to actively greet visitors, collect visitor information, and route visitors to the appropriate department. When creating these messages, you’ll write the content, choose the target audience, and set the display rules. This section allows you to create various targeted messages from a single tab easily. When creating a Playbook from scratch, you can choose between a chatbot and live chat Playbook and a Landing Page Playbook. You’ll select the specific web page on which the Playbook will be active and of various types. Drift provides detailed performance metrics for each chat and email Playbook. Compared to campaign metrics in other platforms, this section is slightly more complex and laid out more intuitively. When your company’s chat agents are unavailable, chatbots are software programs that converse with visitors. After business hours, bots are frequently used to handle customer concerns. Drift’s bots can collect contact information, answer simple FAQs, and prompt visitors to schedule a meeting using the in-app calendar integration. It provides a detailed reports section to help customers understand how they’re performing and engaging their visitors. Playbooks, chat performance, meetings, team performance, routing, email playbooks, and sales information can all be reported on if they’re integrated. This section is complex and highly detailed in general. It’s probably one of the most in-depth reports you’ll find in any chat software.

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