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Duda is a web design platform that makes growing your web design firm easier and faster. You can create design-first websites with structured data using Duda’s site widgets and add images, text blocks, and addresses using the content library features. You don’t have to manually change the elements that appear on the site at different times and places because the Content Library allows you to update all of these occurrences with just one click. While you make changes to the template, the Content Library keeps all of the essential data in one place. You can upsell website redesigns with Duda and have less churn from customers who are unhappy with your work. If these websites receive regular visitors, you are less likely to experience churn in your client rate. Another Duda feature is the Site Comments feature, which allows your customers to leave feedback directly on the site you’re creating.

Duda’s website builder, which aims to “create web design painless” through its natural and creative designs, is used by over 450,000 businesses. You can begin building your Duda website in minutes with just an internet connection and no technical knowledge. It works by providing you with various templates to choose from, which you can then customize by changing text, adding images, adding new pages, and even creating your widgets. Publish your website online once you’ve customized it – Duda will host it for you, so you won’t have to think about more costs or technical issues. Anyone can use Duda, but it’s beneficial for web designers who need to quickly create multiple sites for clients. Duda’s primary target audience is agencies and freelancers. When we tested Duda, we found it incredibly user-friendly, placing it third overall in our beginner-friendliness rankings. Signing up for a free trial could be easier – you need to provide your name, email, and password. Still, you’ll also need to provide a website address phone number and choose your role and how many sites you currently build. Don’t be put off by this – Duda can be used by anyone who isn’t a web designer. We wish the registration process ended with an email address and a password, but once you’re in, everything is simple. Duda is a drag-and-drop builder, which means you can make changes to your chosen template without knowing how to code. Click, drag, drop, and type until you’re satisfied to edit your pages. We won’t mince words: Duda’s actual calling card designs. It has 98 professionally designed templates to select from, including ten blank ones that you can fill in from scratch in addition to the usual pre-filled examples. Are you not sure you can go through nearly a hundred templates? You can narrow down all your options by filtering them by category. There are ten to choose from, including business, travel, portfolio, and online store.

Duda is jam-packed with design features and ways to personalize your website. It also has the unusual part of creating your widgets and customizing your visitors’ experience. Duda, for example, makes it simple to send users pop-ups, videos, promotions, particular messages, and more based on various factors like their place or the number of times they’ve visited the site. This is a fantastic way to link with your audience and increase site engagement. Duda encourages its users to think outside the box while also making it simple to do so. However, Duda could improve other aspects of your website, such as SEO, to give it more power and a better chance of competing with other websites online. Is it possible to sell on Duda’s website? Yes, indeed! It allows you to add ecommerce tools to even its most basic plan. Most website builders only include eCommerce on their higher-priced plans rather than having it from the start. Aside from the design, which provides multiple product images, integrated design between your website and your storefront, and pre-designed product page layouts, Duda also includes solid sales tools. Duda is a good option if you want to sell products on your website. However, it can’t compete with a dedicated builder like Shopify for online sales.

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