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What is Duo?

Duo Security is a cloud-based solution that provides multiple two-factor authentication methods, configurable permissions and controls, Single Sign-On (SSO), endpoint visibility and remediation, and more for user identity verification and device vulnerability assessment. The Duo Trusted Access platform is created to protect users from potential security threats by verifying their identities and device health before allowing them to connect to the company’s applications. Duo uses various two-factor authentication methods to verify users’ identities, including SMS passcodes, phone callbacks, hardware tokens, and one-tap authentication via push notifications from the Duo Mobile app. Custom access policies and controls, such as blocking user logins from specific locations, such as countries where the company doesn’t do business, can be configured and enforced by administrators. Administrators can also set up application-based controls, which allow them to define different two-factor authentication requirements for other systems, such as requiring two-factor authentication for every VPN login attempt but only once a week for Outlook access.

Users can use Duo to create a device inventory and use that data to identify vulnerabilities caused by outdated operating systems, browsers, and Flash and Java plugins. Users can be automatically notified of obsolete devices, with direct links to update to the latest software version, or immediately blocked from accessing applications, with permissions restored after the browser or plugin has been updated. Self-remediation policies can be constructed to notify only specific users of issues with particular plugins or browsers in organizations where specific applications have a specific browser or Flash dependencies. Employees who use ten or more cloud applications can use Duo’s Access Gateway, which provides a secure web portal for Single Sign-On (SSO). All available applications are displayed on a single page, giving users access to all of them. A device security health check is performed whenever a user accesses a cloud application. The user’s identity is verified without the need to re-authenticate each time. Users can be prevented from logging in from high-risk countries or countries where the company does not do business. Two-factor authentication requirements can be put on an app-by-app basis. Users’ devices can be analyzed in detail. Vulnerabilities such as outdated operating systems, plugins, and browsers can be identified, with users receiving automatic notifications and the option to block access to applications until vulnerable devices are updated. For employees who use ten or more cloud applications, the Access Gateway provides Single Sign-On (SSO) while still assessing device health and verifying users’ identities every time an application is accessed. Bypass codes can be used to grant temporary access to employees, visitors, and contractors, with the ability to generate a single event and time-based codes that can be set to expire after a certain number of uses or a certain amount of time. Stolen or lost authentication devices can be disabled and separated from their owners, then re-enabled once they are found.

The Trusted User module is one of its most notable features. This core module provides all users with the first security checkpoint. The module uses two-factor authentication and verified contextual user access policies to verify the user’s identity. It safeguards your applications against data breaches caused by phishing and password attacks. The solution includes a phishing simulator that can identify vulnerable employees in your company. Furthermore, the Duo data dashboard makes it simple to monitor and measure the phishing risk consistently. Moreover, the Trusted Access module gathers detailed information on each authentication request, allowing you to make data-driven security policy decisions. Furthermore, the program’s user policies will enable you to restrict access based on specific user groups, enhancing your security profile. Moreover, the Trusted Device module grants you complete control over the devices connected to your company’s assets. Before allowing a device to access your application, it verifies that it is in good working order. However, the Every Application module ensures the security of all applications used by your company (cloud and on-premises).

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