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What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a learning management system that enables schools to provide bite-sized learning modules for speaking and reading in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, French, and English. The platform provides trainees with gamified lessons to learn and apply grammar and vocabulary skills. Teachers can define classroom instructions on a unified interface, track students’ progress toward learning goals, and share personalized feedback. Duolingo’s mobile apps for iOS and Android allow teams to download and view multiple training lessons offline. Students can also reset languages in their profiles and follow or block team members on a centralized dashboard. Trainers can use Facebook and Google credentials to login and manage parental controls on Duolingo. Learners can also compete with other students, monitor their progress through real-time leaderboards, and access Duolingo stories to complete exercises based on reading and listening comprehension.

Duolingo offers courses in over 34 languages, which are just the ones that use English as the teaching language. Suppose you add up all the systems that use a different base language, such as Catalan for Spanish speakers. Duolingo is set up to allow you to learn systematically and progressively. This organizational scheme makes the path to better language skills much more straightforward. While some learning programs will enable you to choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it, I like how Duolingo takes some guesswork out of determining what you need to work on. As your skills improve, new levels appear, ranging from gray to fully colorized, ensuring you’re ready to tackle new material. The best part is that Duolingo is constantly repurposing old content. This means that while learning new words and grammar, previously learned words and grammar are used. Because repetition is so important in language learning, this scaffolding is invaluable for students like me who want to ensure that their target language is firmly embedded in their long-term memory and ready for use with native speakers! Lessons are also categorized into small chunks, making it simple to fit some learning into even the busiest schedules. You can also study your target language on the go in just a few minutes during your commute, while waiting in line at the doctor’s office, or even while standing in line at the supermarket! However, due to the structure of the Duolingo program, there is no room for spontaneous language use. For starters, students are unable to select their learning path. Lessons must be completed in a specific order. Learners cannot progress up the tree without first completing previous assignments. While you can keep learning new vocabulary and skills, Duolingo also allows you to review what you’ve already learned to improve your skills. The practice option, for example, shows you material that Duolingo thinks you might need a refresher on and then tests you on it. There’s also the option to advance skills that you’ve already studied. Each skill on the Duolingo course trees can be redone up to five times. You can do so by repeating the skill’s lessons or by “testing out” the skill (passing a quiz with less than four errors). Each level demands progressively more difficult recall, beginning with simple word matching and sentence re-arranging exercises at level one and progressing to complete written or spoken input in your target language by level five. As you move to more advanced levels, this is a valuable way to ensure thorough knowledge of learned material and avoid forgetting primary material.

One of the underappreciated aspects of the Duolingo method is that learners are introduced to sentence structure with a simultaneous translation from the beginning. This may not appear to be the most exciting or exciting thing, but it is critical for language acquisition. The ability to see how sentences are formed and how grammatical units relate to one another, block by block, teaches learners to express meaning early on. You can have “streaks” with Duolingo, which means you’ve completed at least one lesson every day. This challenge could be a great motivator because you don’t want to break your streak. Duolingo’s winning streaks, according to one study, may even boost motivation, especially among more advanced learners. Furthermore, thanks to this adorable green owl, we won’t have any trouble staying on track with our studies! Duolingo’s method of breaking down lessons into bite-sized chunks, allowing you to set goals and be rewarded, is highly effective for those who struggle with accountability. You can learn a language in as little as five minutes per day, and if you forget, Duo will send you a reminder right to your phone! You can even buy a “streak freeze” with “Lingots,” Duolingo’s digital currency, to ensure that you don’t lose your coveted streak if you miss a day. While Duolingo offers many lessons, its resources may not be sufficient to help intermediate and advanced students achieve full fluency. After completing a Duolingo program, students can go back and redo lessons to improve their skills. You can learn a language in as little as five minutes per day, and Duo will remind you on your phone if you forget! You can even purchase a “streak freeze” with Duolingo’s digital currency, “Lingots,” to ensure that you don’t lose your coveted streak if you miss a day. Although Duolingo has many lessons, it may not be enough to help intermediate and advanced students achieve complete fluency. Students can go back and redo tasks after completing a Duolingo program to improve their skills.

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