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What is Ease?

Ease (formerly EaseCentral) is a small to medium-sized business, agency, and broker-friendly employee benefits management system. The system makes it easier to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s rules and ensure that employees receive their company benefits. Making sure that employees provide the necessary information is a breeze with Ease. For faster onboarding, the app also includes signature-ready forms and documentation. HR professionals also have access to tools that assist them in their tasks, focusing on employee care rather than paperwork. Ease also has a marketplace that allows businesses and agencies to expand their app use by integrating other systems and accessing them through a single platform.

Ease can help HR departments and human resources agencies ensure that employees receive the benefits. The application streamlines the quoting, enrollment, and management processes by combining all three tools into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Employees and brokers can track the progress of benefits enrollment in this manner. Using Ease, HR staff can easily ensure that employees’ onboarding is well-managed and completed. The software makes it easier to ensure that employees provide their direct deposit information and complete all necessary legal paperwork. The application aids in the review of company rules found in the handbook and other relevant documents, ensuring that new hires are aware of the company policies they must follow. Ensuring employees receive their correct pay at the appropriate time is more accessible with Ease. The system automatically makes deductions as needed and syncs the data of a specific demographic. By integrating with third-party payroll providers, the application simplifies payroll management. Employers can use Ease to stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. As a result, the software provides pre-filled IRS forms ready for employees to sign. ACA management is also made easier with Ease. Administrators can keep track of everything on a single dashboard, where they’ll also get system notifications about ACA compliance issues. Users can access the marketplace to find additional tools and integrations to expand their system if the core features of Ease aren’t enough. Companies will not need to look for other solutions or programs because they will continue to use the same, expanded platform.

With copays, coverage, SBCs, and actual costs at their fingertips Ease empowers your employees to make better decisions. Employees only have to fill up their information once, filling out all fields. They can also sign enrollment forms digitally. Employees can access Ease at any time of year via the web, mobile, or iOS and Android apps to view important benefit information. Find partners who are willing to assist you in learning Ease, forming groups, and facilitating open enrollment within the system. With a few clicks, you can grant and control partner access to specific groups or your entire agency account. It’s not easy to provide your clients with a benefits administration solution. Reduce setup time by quickly loading rates from your partners’ collection of rates stored in Ease. Browse and add promotional videos, brochures, and SBCs to plans to increase voluntary product participation rates. Ease adheres to California’s data privacy laws and is HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, and HITRUST compliant. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit using the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. All brokers, employer admins, and Ease employees must enable two-factor authentication for secure access. Finally, we ran a virus and malware scan on all uploaded data.

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