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What is Ebay?

eBay is a web-based e-commerce platform that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer transactions. eBay now has over 168 million active buyers, which is growing every day. Let’s go over the six key features that every eBay listing should have to entice customers and persuade them to buy. It may sound cliched, but a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. The use of images in your item description is critical. According to more than half of online shoppers, product visuals are more important than product information, reviews, and ratings. Images are an essential part of the description and should be clear and accurate. Manufacturer photographs are only allowed by eBay sellers if the item being sold is new and unused.

When a potential customer first searches, they have to go on the title of your listing and the featured image. Customers will scroll past your listings if these two factors are not good. Cassini, the eBay search engine, also looks at your product titles. Make sure to use the item’s core product keywords to describe it. Your product title can be up to 80 characters long. The eBay keyword research tool –Terapeak – is one of the best ways to find specific keywords and phrases that customers use when looking for an item. Buyers should be the target audience for titles. You’ll get the best engagement rate if you write in a smooth, readable style. A jumble of keywords will not attract customers. Customers and Cassini benefit from designer, material, and color attributes. Using other brand names with phrases like “just like” on eBay, on the other hand, is against the rules and will result in listings being removed. Even if eBay does not remove them, customer engagement suffers as a result, and ranking suffers. Special characters can still be found in eBay titles on occasion. This is an out-of-date method of attracting customers’ attention. It irritates modern customers and is considered a bad practice by eBay. As a result, it will not improve your listing’s search ranking on eBay. When a customer gets to your item description, you know they’re serious about what you’re selling. Your item description is your opportunity to answer any questions that may be causing hesitation and seal the deal. It’s an opportunity to speak for your company and offer advice to potential customers. Demonstrate how knowledgeable, helpful, and trustworthy you are compared to other sellers. Use something other than the manufacturer’s description. Always provide complete measurements for fashion items. Take a step further and predict the customer’s questions. Is it opaque when wet, for example, if you’re selling swimwear? Going into this much detail demonstrates a high level of product knowledge and customer service, making potential buyers more likely to buy from you. Custom branding sets you apart from the competition and encourages customers to stay longer on your listings. Custom eBay design can include extra sales attributes like video in listings, dynamic cross-promotion, and software for motors and motor parts sellers, in addition to exciting visuals. Your customers must understand who they’re purchasing from. Suppose you sell great products and provide excellent service. In that case, you should brand that experience to encourage customers to stick with you. In a listing, professional branding design communicates that you are a professional seller and encourages buyers to trust you. They understand that you care about eBay and your company’s image and that they can trust you to sell honestly and professionally. As a result, customers with custom branded eBay listings are more likely to trust postage estimates and product guarantees from sellers.

Cross-selling is one of the most effective retail strategies. ‘Would you like fries with that?’ says McDonald’s. Cross-selling items have been the catalyst for many of the world’s biggest brands, from Apple’s ‘others also bought’ to Amazon’s ‘others also bought. Cross-selling works because of its timing, as it presents offers to people when they are most likely to buy. A customer’s intent is high when looking at an eBay listing. Presenting them with additional items to buy at this time will almost certainly increase your purchase rate and basket values. The most important thing to recall when cross-selling on eBay is to promote products that naturally go together, such as shoes and socks. What is the sock to the “shoe” you’re selling, you must decide? Pay close attention to the price points of the items you’re pairing, as cross-sell items are often similar in price. A $100 printer would be a logical cross-sell if you were selling a laptop for $1,200, but if you were selling the printer, the laptop would be too big of purchase for the cross-sell. A pack of paper or additional ink cartridges would be a better suggestion. It’s critical that you only cross-promote to active listings. Cross-promotion to an inactive listing is pointless and will certainly result in a loss of sales. This is why you need a dynamic eBay cross-selling feature. Dynamic cross-promotion scans your live listings for related products and displays them automatically based on the rules you set. Size, color, or any other relevant feature could be the rules. It will only connect relevant and active listings. The dynamic Frooition eBay cross-selling tool is eBay certified. When searching on eBay, most people begin by typing in a broad product term and then narrowing their results using the options in the left-hand column. For example, if we search for ‘HD tv’ on eBay, we will find 7,627 results. Nobody will want to scroll through all of that. So, we can use filters in the left-hand column to narrow down our search. When I select only Samsung as a filter, the results drop to 1,258. This is a standard practice among eBay buyers. However, when we look at all of the brand options, we find that 292 are unspecified. LG, Sony, and Samsung televisions can be found in the listings with no brand name. Even though one of these results has the word Samsung in its title, it would not have appeared in the results if we had searched for Samsung televisions. Items listed without complete item details will not appear in refined searches.

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