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What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a cloud-based learning management system that allows teachers to connect with parents and students and collaborate with them. Teachers can use the solution to form academic groups, distribute assignments and homework, online schedule tests, and monitor student progress. Students can also use Edmodo’s collaborative tools to post questions, polls and interact with one another. Based on their online tests and exams performance, teachers can award certificates and badges to students. Teachers can use the snapshot feature to keep track of academic progress, student performance, and upcoming sessions. Parents can also sign up for Edmodo and track their child’s academic progress in real-time. Educators can use Edmodo to organize their content, sell premium educational content, and request information from students and parents. Edmodo’s mobile apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets. An online help center is available for assistance.

Teachers can use quizzes and assignments to create engaging and interactive lessons. The lessons can be set aside as templates in the private resource library for future use. Teachers can plan their days using a daily schedule, which allows students to access all of their essential assignments and resources in one place. Edmodo also includes a shared calendar, allowing everyone to keep track of tests, homework, and events. The Edmodo Snapshot tool is built to meet Common Core and other education standards that schools must adhere to. Edmodo collaborates with content providers to make resources like lesson plans, tests, games, and other activities available to users. Snapshot also provides teachers with question banks and assessments and real-time reports that show student progress so that teachers can determine which students require assistance. Classes and Small Groups are Edmodo’s course delivery (e.g., study groups). Teachers and students can post status updates, add comments, and share files within each class or group. Edmodo includes a Zoom integration, allowing live classes to be delivered virtually without leaving the software. Real-time dashboards enable teachers and students to keep track of their progress on specific assignments or courses. Furthermore, the gradebook feature allows teachers to grade assignments or tests. Parents can access their children’s grades through the Edmodo app.

Create a collaborative network. Become an Edmodo district or school. Using a secure Edmodo web address, connect all teachers, parents, students, and administrators in your school or district (URL example: EdmodoHigh.edmodo.com). To improve professional learning networks, encourage collaboration in schools, classrooms, and across your district, with the help of a global community of educators. On your school or district dashboard, you can quickly deploy and manage digital assets, as well as track usage patterns and student progress. Measuring your students’ progress is the only way to determine if you effectively communicate with them. With Edmodo, you have access to a centralized database where you can check your students’ grades and participation levels. Additionally, this feature allows you to track student reactions to specific activities and classroom discussions. This way, you’ll be able to quickly identify which parts of your lesson your students are struggling with. Edmodo’s interface is highly customizable and extendable, even though it already has a full suite of online learning tools. This allows users to incorporate apps and widgets into their lesson plans to provide students with a more engaging learning experience. Teachers are at the heart of a robust network on Edmodo, which connects them with students, parents, administrators, and publishers. This network provides top-notch resources and tools, laying the foundation for high-quality education.

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