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What is Eledecks?

Eledecks is an HR software that uses collaborative dashboards to help businesses support HR teams, employees, and managers. Despite their workforce demographic, it offers users the tools they need to manage core HR admin. Eledecks is a fully functional HR software for agencies and startups. Eledecks specializes in end-to-end Windows solutions. Payroll management, a self-service portal, employee lifecycle management, employee database, and time off management are all included in this online HR system. Since 2005, Eledecks has been designing, building, and hosting the Eledecks compliance portal. As you might expect, we’ve become experts at delivering first-class platforms.

We give you a set of tools for managing your workforce and payroll. Begin with HR Portal Go, which includes a critical stage of devices known as Decks. Personnel Files and Folders, Document Manager, organizational tools such as diaries and notes, and handy mobile apps for managers and employees are among them. By the way, they’re all free! We’re particularly proud of our new GDPR Deck, which enables managers to meet their obligations without spending too much time thinking about the law. Attendance Management is, of course, one of our most popular Decks. A wide range of Toolkits, including guides, forms, and letters, relieves HR Managers of the burden of constantly reviewing a library of legal materials; there is much more to discover, so take a look around. Eledecks enables you to share HR information across your organization. They provide intuitive and collaborative dashboards to HR teams, managers, and employees. Employee self-service, Clever Document Management, Payroll, Auto-Enrolment, Attendance Management, HR/EL Guides, Forms and Letters (Toolkits), GDPR Employee Request Management, Case Management for HR routines, Event Renewals Management (Licenses & Standards), Diaries, Checklists, Notifications, Alerts, Support Centre, Mobile Apps are all included. Successfully transition from spreadsheet-based employee tracking to personalized HR and payroll software that allows you to focus on your business. Eledecks can help you save money, improve compliance, and streamline your business management. Choose from a variety of popular HR software tools, such as Attendance Management, Employee Self-Service Dashboards, and practical HR Toolkits, as well as the best Payroll and Auto Enrolment software on the market. The portal is the online channel your HR specialists and team managers need to collaborate with professional advisors and staff alike, and it’s branded as your own and loaded with the latest technology and mobile apps. Consider the portal to be a compliance-focused intranet that connects your teams, regardless of where they are located, and allows for reliable data-driven collaboration and reporting when you need it most.

The Eledecks Managers App allows client company managers who use the Eledecks HR Portal to receive push notifications from the service and stay up to date on the web service’s “To Do” and “To Know” information. Managers can access their Portal account to receive and respond to important notifications from anywhere. View graphs that show you an overview of the messages you’ve received and how well you’ve dealt with them. With the App, you can stay on top of staff management. At the same time, on the go, have easy access to advisors and colleagues, and be notified in real-time about events in the Eledecks HR Portal that require your attention. Links connect you directly from an app notification to a specific item on the live portal, streamlining your work and saving you time.

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