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What is ELMO?

ELMO is a cloud HR solution that combines payroll, rostering, time, and attendance into a single vendor, dashboard, and user experience. The ELMO suite of solutions is used together or separately. The ELMO solution allows organizations to manage payroll and HR processes straightforwardly with a single dashboard and reporting suite. Multi-tenant, multi-user, and on-demand applications are included in ELMO’s software, allowing for accurate SaaS delivery. It integrates seamlessly with legacy HRIS and payroll systems, with the added benefit of quick upgrades as new features are released. It also assists with content and video course creation, succession management, predictive analysis, rewards, and recognition handling, and pivot remuneration, in addition to payroll, rostering, time and attendance, recruitment, training, and performance management.

Streamline Workflow is a platform, dashboard, and reporting suite that handles all labor and payroll procedures. With a comprehensive team view, managers will better understand their employees. It has automated and streamlined operations to save money, increase efficiency, and increase productivity. It uses the Microsoft Azure cloud for enhanced security, ensuring that data is secure and accessible at all times. Safeguard and store sensitive information in a central location. Improve employee engagement by allowing managers and employees to edit personal documents as needed. Employees should be able to access data from any location. Employees can use Elmo to analyze KPIs, communicate with management, and discuss work results. Manage employee requests for time off and send important notifications, pay stubs, and other documents. It also establishes a roster allowance and ensures that it does not exceed authorized budgets. Systems connect to 50 different payment systems to give you a complete picture of your financial plans and spending. To make employee requests easier, integrate leave transactions. Using a single framework, efficiently distribute data from applicants to recruits. To improve the hiring process, provide candidates with an individualized onboarding portal. With built-in tools that expedite the hiring process, you can make hiring new employees a quick process. With structured techniques and a wide range of capabilities, you can cut your hiring costs. Allow employees to tailor performance requirements such as target-setting abilities, proficiency frameworks, and development strategies. Include appraisal cycle durations and use multiple reports to track appraisal details. Allow employees to recognize one another with personalized badges and references. Establish procedures that allow employees to propose and vote on corporate awards. 

Using succession management tools, identify and develop high performers to improve bench strength for critical positions. You can quickly edit courses with multiple built-in page templates and editing tools. With a course builder and learning tools, you can quickly publish studies. Ensure that your payroll processes are secure, efficient, and consistent regularly. In Australia, use SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll. New Zealand uses Payday Filing and KiwiSaver to manage employee pay schedules. Facilitate payroll onboarding by developing procedures that allow for immediate processing without additional data entry. Provide employees and managers with secure online access to personal information such as payroll, yearly leave, and productivity for evaluation. Streamline your basic payroll processes. With accurate time and attendance recording and forecasting, you can keep track of staffing needs. Automate the budgeting process. Streamline the process of entering, confirming, and tracking expenses. Customize multi-level work processes to meet your needs, with fully automated compliance and personalized reporting providing greater visibility and control. Engage Employees can access information from any location using HR Core. Employees should be able to request time off and check their payment details. API integration allows you to connect to other features in the suite. Organize surveys at various stages of the employee life cycle to gather helpful information about employee perspectives and preferences. Use several ready-to-use survey templates created by industry experts to help you make better decisions. Provide messaging services as well as integration with Zoom video chat. Provide employees with simplified communication without having to invest in complicated integrations. Create immediate pre-boarding and onboarding programs for new employees to reduce paperwork and increase organizational engagement and profitability. Customize onboarding procedures, assign due dates for tasks, files, and classes, send email alerts, and analyze critical corporate KPIs. Create candidate acquisition skills, acquisition workflows, assessment questions, and interview procedures while highlighting business market propositions to attract the best candidates.

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