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What is Employee Navigator?

Employee Navigator is an HR, benefits administration, and compliance software for insurance brokers and clients, with new hire onboarding, time-off tracking, asset tracking, and integrated payroll. Employee Navigator aims to provide a comprehensive HR solution by incorporating an ACA dashboard, HRIS, agency management tools, online enrollment, carrier and payroll reporting, and HR and benefits communication functionality. It is designed to provide HR management and benefits to businesses of all sizes. Employee Navigator enables HR departments to offer comprehensive benefits packages and streamline benefit administration operations by collaborating with insurance brokers and carriers. Employee onboarding, PTO and asset tracking, payroll integration, and self-service login are essential features.

Through an online dashboard, HR team members can easily manage and track benefits for all employees. The HR department can keep track of enrollment, manage benefit contributions, review important documents, and compare and enroll in benefit packages. Employee Navigator can administer and provide medical, vision, dental, voluntary life, and retirement benefits to employees. Employees can use the self-service portal to manage a custom profile and HR tasks and view and change all benefit information. For a unified HR solution, HR management allows HR team members to centralize all HR operations and documents into one system. The HR team can manage employee onboarding with an embedded task management system and digital file tracking for new-hire compliance. HR and managers can also use Employee Navigator to approve PTO days, set PTO policies, arrange company holidays, and review time-off history. IT administrators or managers can track and assign employee assets for asset management, reducing the risk of stolen assets. Employee Navigator provides a mobile app for employees to access HR and benefits resources on the go. The Essentials app for Android from Employee Navigator is a first-of-its-kind tool that puts real-time insurance and HR information right in the palm of your hand. All of your employee benefits information, such as ID card information, contact numbers, deductibles, co-payments, pharmacy locations, and more, will be in one place. Request that your insurance broker activate this simple app for your business, and you’ll never have to look for your insurance card again.

Employee Navigator connects to ADP Workforce Now® to share demographic, compensation, and deduction data. The Employee Navigator-generated demographic changes are sent to ADP in real-time. Every night, Employee Navigator is updated with demographic changes from ADP. For a flow of demographics, see the exchanged fields below. Deductions are sent to ADP Workforce Now® (current version) in real-time. Real-time and scheduled* If ADP makes a demographic change, Employee Navigator is updated immediately. Terminations and rehires with future effective dates will be updated on the following day. Employee Navigator sends real-time deductions to ADP Workforce Now. Employee Navigator’s security policies, which establish the operating and control framework for Employee Navigator, demonstrate the company’s commitment to security and availability. These policies are developed with industry standards and best practices for security and availability in mind. They were reviewed and approved by the Executive Team. The CTO and Information Security Management are in charge of enforcing them. These policies have been made public and communicated to all members of the Employee Navigator Team. They are backed up by the resources, people, and technology needed to implement and enforce them.

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