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What is EmployeeConnect?

Performance management, recruitment, onboarding, training, safety, remuneration, and succession planning are just a few of the cloud-based functions offered by EmployeeConnect. In a single dashboard, the platform seamlessly integrates HR capabilities. Users can make quick, data-driven decisions using analytics, dashboards, and a variety of interactive reports. EmployeeConnect has a learning management module that allows businesses to provide employee training and learning, set course availability parameters, manage learning requests and course details, and ask for feedback. Role-based permissions, pulse engagement surveys, a developer toolkit, multilingual translation, succession planning, employee recognition, safety management, and more are among the features available. Administrators can use the workplace health and safety module to identify risks, develop mitigation strategies to track accidents and incidents across the organization, and ensure compliance with corporate social responsibility and other government regulations.

HR data is organized with easy information storage, detailed employee records, worker capabilities in a company directory, policy compliance with real-time notifications, and more in this solution. Administrators can choose from various role-based options to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need. Recruitment tools make finding the best candidates easier, engaging them, and onboarding them quickly. Employee recruitment is accessible with tools like an applicant tracking system, reports, charts that inform hiring decisions, employee feedback, and referrals. A collaborative approach to employee onboarding aids in integrating new hires into the company. It allows for the automation of routine and transactional tasks, freeing time to focus on critical studies. EmployeeConnect learning tools enable users to create employee profiles aligned with organizational goals based on qualifications, competencies, experience, and skills. Workflows help companies maximize their workforce’s skills by integrating and centralizing all types of training requests, training plans, and gap analysis. Thanks to this module, employers, and managers can see more of each employee’s efforts. Users can track their progress and measure their performance using KPIs. Salaries linked to performance encourage employees to go above and beyond, maximizing profits. Employers can improve salary planning by using remuneration tools to make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Salary planning, review, collaboration, and approval procedures are also integrated and automated. To help mitigate the risk of losing skills, leaders better understand their workforce’s potential. This feature provides strategic tools for increasing visibility, managing a talent pool, and safeguarding the company’s future. This module enables users to take an employee-centric approach, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and increase employee engagement, transparency, and transparency. The software promotes a positive work environment by rewarding high performers and motivating employees. It is accomplished by using tools that recognize values, skills, and competencies.

By converting employee recruitment into measurable data and insights, the software enables quick, effective, and smart hiring. Employee resumes and users can view and share analytics to make collaborative hiring and recruitment decisions. More robust, the applicant tracking system enables centralized control. Users can manage recruitment requests, vacancies, applicant assessments, communication, pre-employment data sharing, and more from a single control panel. Employers can hire quickly and have a smooth transition into the company. The platform serves as a comprehensive database of employee information, including skills, KPIs achieved, learning, and more, allowing leaders to identify and recruit internal talent. The mobile application enables users to access, manage, and share engagement surveys, employee information, onboarding requirements, and more. Users can use a preventative and corrective approach to improve safety, speed up compliance and reduce organizational risk. The module employs integrated workflows to identify hazards, develop mitigation policies, and track incidents. EmployeeConnect’s Kiosk is a free tool that allows users to manage their data online. It will enable employees to control all functions with a single click effectively. EmployeeConnnect works with companies of all sizes and industries, including education, non-profits, and others.

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