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What is energage?

Energage is an employee engagement platform that works with companies in various industries. Performance and feedback management, employee and cultural alignment, surveys, and other features are available. Users can use the ‘Energage Survey’ application to conduct surveys that help them measure and learn more about their company’s culture. Users can use the data from the surveys to start conversations with employees and turn them into year-round action across their company. The ‘Connect’ application from Energage allows businesses to manage employee interactions, uncover cultural needs through confidential conversations, and address them through dialogue, recognition, and various alignment tools. Energage also includes a ‘Coach’ application, which uses catalytic coaching conversations to help managers and team leaders align employees’ personal goals with organizational needs. Services are provided on a per-employee-per-month basis and include phone and email support.

The majority of people’s lives are spent at work. Employee engagement in the United States, on the other hand, has remained at just 31% for decades. Two out of every three employees wish they were doing something else, indicating that businesses have trouble implementing their strategy. However, there are a few exceptions. These energized companies have twice the level of engagement as the national average — and in some cases, even more. We knew that if we could track down these businesses, figure out what they’re doing, and then use technology to replicate their success, we could help other companies do the same. That is what we have done. Energage has been researching these organizations for the past 15 years. They’re referred to as Top Workplaces. We know what motivates them, and we’ve used that knowledge to develop our Intentional Culture Platform, which can help you improve your employees’ working lives, add value, and achieve tangible results. The Energage (formerly Workplace Dynamics) Workplace Employee Survey is simple to set up by location and department. It’s straightforward to send an email with a link to the staff. Due to the privacy of individual respondents, our team feels comfortable answering the questions honestly. The user can drill down on responses using the reporting feature. The data is organized by department, tenure, and manager. Comparing current year results to previous year results and the benchmarking quality is appealing. We can compare our employees’ responses to those of other health centers, not just the reactions of all companies in the survey. 

We don’t just compare your entire organization to a group of others with Energage Survey. Instead, each respondent is compared to similar respondents in similar companies – thousands of recent surveys from the same size and subsector, to be exact. It is what we call “individualized benchmarking” – a benchmark that is completely tailored to you and your employees and rigorously tested to ensure the best fit. We use math inspired by the high-stakes testing industry to accomplish this. It means that the survey identifies information that other survey providers overlook. It completes in minutes what a skilled analyst would take weeks to achieve. Allows users to conduct various surveys to assess and learn more about their company’s culture. Users can engage with employees through surveys. The information gathered can be turned into year-round actions for the company. Users can start a conversation with their employees to help them plan for their future and realize their full potential. The straightforward structure enables managers to monitor and facilitate employee development, which benefits the entire team. Individuals are encouraged to participate in discussions about their career, development, and teamwork to achieve better results.

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