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What is EngineYard?

EngineYard is a Platform as a Service company that hosts PHP, Ruby, and Node.js applications. For what it provides, Engine Yard is a popular choice among business owners and developers worldwide. Engine Yard is a popular platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution for automating, tweaking and deploying cloud applications. Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Jayson Vantuyl, and Lance Walley founded Engine Yard in 2006. It’s a global corporation with a rapidly expanding user base. Platforms like Heroku and the Google App Engine are Engine Yard alternatives. The platform relies on technologies like PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js for small-scale and large-scale cloud deployments. Backups, load balancing, database replication, and cloning are just a few of the powerful features. For several reasons, Engine Yard is a popular choice for application developers’ needs: its independent architecture, level of control, and self-containment. Engine Yard’s PaaS allows applications to be self-contained, with no need to share VMs or infrastructure. As a result, issues caused by other users are sporadic. Engine Yard applications run directly on Windows Azure or Amazon Web Services infrastructures. As a result, platform outages are handled efficiently, allowing users to continue using their applications. Its users can easily customize their environment and application deployment. MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, AWS Elastic Block Store, and AWS Simple Storage Service are used by Engine Yard. Users can also schedule and control application updates and use flexible Chef recipes to configure apps.

Engine Yard’s benefits include allowing developers to focus on code rather than infrastructure and allowing users to place a premium on writing high-quality code. They don’t have to be concerned about management and upkeep. Build up the productivity of the cloud app development team. Engine Yard’s features, functionality, and integrations can help cloud app developers work more efficiently and productively. Support for Modern Open Source Languages Engine Yard provides extensive support for various open-source languages, allowing users to develop and deploy flexibly. Engine Yard enables users to scale their applications automatically without provisioning. By defining business rules, infrastructure scaling can be done automatically. Engine Yard’s custom app metrics help scale. After a deployment, Engine Yard provides users with frequent updates and fixes. To ensure the best results, security patches and improvements are rolled out and automatic security configurations. Engine Yard offers comprehensive overviews of how applications function and work during production by performing intelligent application performance monitoring. This is useful for improving application performance. Automatic alerts for application resource usage irregularities, failures, and other issues are available to users. Users can use Engine Yard to run their custom alerts. Engine Yard is not limited to Ruby and supports various coding languages. Python, Node.js, and PHP are among the application types deployed. Write your code, commit it, and push it to the remote repository. Engine Yard analyzes your code, creates containers, and automatically deploys them to Kubernetes clusters. It also includes utilities for offloading background jobs and chrons and maintenance, regular replication, backup, recovery, and stack updates. Engine Yard scales automatically in response to demand, improving application performance and allowing you to optimize resource utilization as you scale quickly. In addition, pods can scale horizontally based on CPU, memory, and custom metrics. Pod sizes are configured in 1GB increments, allowing for fine-grained control. Stacks that are highly optimized for each application, resulting in faster startup times, improved performance, and increased scalability. Engine Yard uses machine learning to intelligently optimize infrastructure by monitoring application performance, gathering insights, and utilizing machine learning. Infrastructure is also automatically optimized based on AWS best practices, lowering costs even more.

Engine Yard provides businesses with various powerful features and functionalities for application deployment and management. Examine what it offers and select the best plan for your requirements. Integrate your deployment pipelines seamlessly to increase availability. With no downtime and no performance degradation, deploy with confidence. Engine Yard’s modern application deployment and management experience are based on 12-factor app principles. With a committed AWS account and a set of VPCs, you can avoid the problem of noisy neighbors. Kubernetes cluster that is fully configured and highly secure. At no additional cost, compliance requirements are built into the platform. Engine Yard keeps your environments up to date with security patches and new features. Backups are performed automatically, and database replicas can be created automatically. To reduce exposure, our platform configures all security groups and firewalls. To get apps to market, developers can use a variety of languages. Configuring, instrumenting, optimizing, automating, and preserving server infrastructure, on the other hand, can be time-consuming. Engine Yard takes care of every aspect of deployment and management for you. Engine Yard has been a trailblazer in several programming languages. Our infrastructure stack has been thoroughly optimized, tried, and tested, allowing you to run your application 50% faster with no performance degradation and constant monitoring. It can be challenging to describe apps, configure services and ingresses, set configmaps, etc. Engine Yard provides a developer-friendly workflow for deploying applications from source using git push. Engine Yard makes it simple for developers to configure applications, create and roll back releases, manage domain names and SSL certificates, give routing, and share applications with teams. Every Engine Yard app is linked to a Grafana instance, which offers basic metrics like memory, CPU, and scale. Get automated alerts for things like application failure and unusual resource usage. Engine Yard’s ELK capabilities allow you to see all of your application logs in one place (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana). Kibana can analyze logs in Elastic Search, allowing you to find application errors and diagnose performance issues. Get a head start with application stacks and pre-built container images that cater to most application patterns. Our dedicated team will make application stack recommendations tailored to your application. A rockstar team of certified AWS architects and experts will walk you through the process step by step, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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