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What is Envoy?

Envoy is an Office Administration software that consists of simple tools to help you manage visitors, deliveries, conference rooms, and security. Envoy saves time, enables you to get the most out of your workplace, and gives your guests and employees the trust to return to work knowing their health and safety are top priorities. Envoy is changing modern workplaces for hybrid work, bringing people together safely and securely so they can connect, combine, and thrive. Envoy’s workplace platform has reanalyzed how companies welcome and greets visitors, keep employees secure, book desks and conference rooms, and control deliveries in over 14,000 locations worldwide. Envoy is trusted by companies like Slack, Pinterest, and Warby Parker to make a great first impression and keep their offices secure and compliant. Envoy Visitors makes a warm welcome for guests while safeguarding people, property, and ideas with over 100,000 new sign-ins every day. Before employees arrive onsite, Envoy Protect verifies their health and assists with scheduling. Employees can use Envoy Desks to reserve a desk for their office days to collaborate with coworkers. Envoy Rooms makes booking meeting rooms and reserving unused space a breeze. Envoy Deliveries ensures that packages reach their intended recipients without being piled up in mailrooms.

Set up touchless sign-in, conduct a health check before arrival, set capacity limits based on local regulations, and easily integrate with health and safety products such as thermal cameras to detect fever or access control systems to keep uninvited guests out. Every visitor plan includes employee sign-in, which ensures that employees are healthy and helps to coordinate schedules before they arrive onsite. Plan trips into the office together to manage hybrid programs. Find out when your project team, manager, or coworkers plan to be onsite so you can coordinate schedules. Envoy’s workplace platform includes more than just visitor management and employee registration. It also includes booking hot desks for days employees work onsite, reserving conference rooms, and managing deliveries. All of your workplace tools can be managed from a single dashboard, including analytics and insights. Connects to the tools you already use – Streamline your team’s workflows by clicking to your existing tech stack and critical workplace systems. Thanks to a growing directory of over 60 integrations and an open API, you can construct on our platform to create Envoy work for you. Employee-friendly and mobile-first – Work no longer takes place at a desk in the office. Envoy’s tools are mobile-friendly, allowing you to complete tasks when you need to, rather than when you return to your desk.

Envoy’s product managers frequently run a beta program as a limited release to a select group of customers. Rollbacks for resolving issues during testing are sped up by having an on/off switch. Anything that causes a problem for their customers or causes an increase in support calls will be turned off immediately. Product managers and test teams are confident that they can revert to a previous successful application behavior with just one click of a button. Place office deliveries in their proper locations. You can ensure that incoming mail reaches its rightful owner, whether at home or work, with mailroom management software. Scanning the name or barcode on each incoming delivery with the Envoy app. Envoy acknowledges the name and notifies the employee in a matter of seconds, allowing you to return to the critical work. Employees in the office can quickly locate their packages. Those at home can schedule a pick-up or delivery, thanks to delivery notifications and reminders. By requiring a signature or a photo at pick up, you can deter theft and quickly resolve mail mixups. If a delivery goes missing, you can check to see if it was ever delivered or picked up by someone else. Keep track of how delivery volumes change and which long-unclaimed packages can be discarded to keep the mail pile under control. Envoy reminds employees of any packages they may have forgotten about and assists them in keeping their personal lives in order.

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