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What is Epicor Customer?


Epicor Customer is a secure portal that allows users to securely access invoice, shipment, inventory, and order data. Epicor CRM gives you the control and information you need to deliver a world-class customer experience at every touchpoint. Kinetic (the new name for Epicor ERP) has advanced collaboration features that connect employees, departments, and supply chain partners, allowing your entire organization to be more responsive. Improve your customer experience with a data-driven focus on meeting accuracy, inventory, product delivery, and service expectations. Epicor CRM allows you to produce more supply chain velocity to keep up with the global competition, reduce costs to improve profitability through effective coordination from raw materials to finished product delivery, and improve your customer experience with a data-driven focus on meeting expectations for information accuracy, inventory, product delivery, and service. With Contact Management, you can keep track of your customers, suppliers, and vendors’ contact information and access it from any device. To ensure that every employee has complete and accurate information, keep track of interactions in real-time. Create and track customer depth with configurable account hierarchies, Sync CRM data with Microsoft Office to make salespeople more efficient even when they’re offline, and keep unlimited notes on every interaction by communicating via email, phone, and social media. 

Manage your sales territories and all of your opportunities’ life cycles proactively. You can use lead and opportunity management to convert more prospects into customers, target the highest-value opportunities, and increase sales revenues by converting more prospects into customers. You can manage your sales team using a user-defined sales structure, pipeline stages, and quotas. Analyze sales quota and forecasts at each level of the sales team and projections by opportunity probability, category, and territory. All of your information about your customers and prospects can be found in one place. Case Management is a customer-focused solution for high-quality service, from the first call to resolution and follow-up. It enables your customer service team to keep track of the number of cases they’re handling, respond to them quickly, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. With full integration into the Field Service module, you can monitor and standardize every stage of your case management process and assigned roles, manage and record all customer interactions for enterprise-wide visibility, and access field service information such as dispatch activities and customer calls, warranty information, and service contracts. Your most powerful competitive weapon may be targeted communication. You can use marketing management to track the success of your marketing campaigns, gain a better understanding of your target market, improve communication, and build relationships with customers and prospects. Produce and manage marketing campaigns, identify your goals, capture high-quality leads, analyze the cost-benefit of promotional activities, track the effectiveness and ROI of marketing programs or individual events, and manage your entire marketing database to ensure that your campaigns are successful. On any iOS or Android device, Mobile CRM empowers your salesforce by providing mobile access to the whole CRM suite of capabilities.

From lead to quote, you can manage the sales cycle from any location at any time. From opportunity to order, drive leads, customers, contacts, and quotes. Create back-office task workflows based on activity, such as call and email logging, notes, to-do lists, and appointments, and view data on competitors, cases, projects, and order history. Access back-office dashboards and forms to complete more complex tasks. Consumer trends influence B2B buying expectations and behaviors. Special promotions, price lists, repeat purchases, and account payment options are all part of a modern eCommerce experience that meets the needs of business buyers. Your B2B website’s purchasing process is frictionless, and Epicor Commerce Connect and CRM are fully integrated. Using the Kinetic Integration with Salesforce.com, you can ensure that your Kinetic CRM solution and contact management system are always on the same page. Eliminate duplicate manual entries in disparate systems and maintain accurate and consistent data across both solutions. Manage and create customer records, contacts, and Epicor parts in Kinetic and Salesforce.com CRM modules bi-directionally. It will create a quote in Kinetic automatically.

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