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What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is an all-out event planning platform with various tools that can be customized. Users have the opportunity to improve their events by thinking ahead and planning for main activities and contingencies. It can design everything from simple music recitals to rock concerts. Plan your event from registration to ticketing to listing, promotions, fundraising, and even payments. With Eventbrite, you can ditch the scribbles and work with a streamlined program specializing in event planning. Users can manage every detail, including promotions, on the platform. These can be shared on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can integrate event registration with other websites and track all of them in real-time. Furthermore, you can now keep track of everything related to your events, including finances, attendees, and relevant changes with everything in one place. Eventbrite’s app for event organizers allows you to organize, promote, run, and track events from a desktop computer and a mobile device. With Eventbrite, you can make a listing page for any event you’re planning, complete with a built-in payment system, analytics, and customer service. Eventbrite ensures that these listings pages are easily found and can be built and designed by Eventbrite out of the box. This listing page can also be customized to match the look and feel of your company. You can embed a checkout on your listing page using the payment processing functionality so attendees don’t have to leave the site to buy a ticket. Because the app does not charge fees for free access, you can use Eventbrite to host and run free events. Eventbrite has an industry-leading search engine ranking, making it easier for people to find your events.

Eventbrite does not charge for any free events, no matter how big or small. When users begin collecting payments, they are assigned a small fee, which event organizers can have the attendees pay. The platform includes an all-out set of tools and features that make creating, promoting, and managing events nearly effortless. Customizable event registration and tracking features are available and mobile compatibility. The simple widget can be integrated into an existing website and allows for ticket sales and tracking and ticket sales through a Facebook page. The event listings are mobile-friendly and can be customized to meet specific needs. Users can use Google maps to show the exact location of their events and highlight friends/attendees who have confirmed their attendance. Events can be easily linked to social media accounts and websites for maximum promotion and exposure.

This free Organizer app for Android and iOS makes it easier to manage guests and sell tickets by allowing users to verify barcodes with their phone’s camera. The app will enable users to see real-time ticket sales and attendance, giving them complete control and making more informed decisions. Eventbrite also has a robust open API that allows advanced users to integrate with various other applications to pull event, attendance, and order data into the system. The platform includes a searchable directory complete organizer profiles visible on search engines, partner networks, event newsletters, and social notifications, among other features for promoting events. Events can also be quickly promoted through Facebook, with users having the option of publishing their events and selling tickets through the social media platform. The platform assists users in better managing their finances and allows them to accept both online and offline payments. For certain events, it also accepts Apple and Android Pay.

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