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What is Everhour?

Everhour is a simple and intuitive time tracking software designed to assist businesses with all of their time tracking requirements. It is a dependable solution with robust features that allow users to stay on top of all activities without leaving their preferred work environment. Basecamp, Trello, Asana, GitHub, and Pivotal are just a few of the team management systems that the platform integrates with. Everhour is also designed to help businesses of all sizes with project and task management. Companies can easily track project progress, delegate tasks, and generate comprehensive reports with valuable insights using the solution. Task management, project management, time tracking, internal tasks and projects, reporting, and powerful integrations are just a few of its main features.

Employees can use Everhour to track how much time they spend on specific tasks or projects. It can be used independently or in combination with other systems. This way, the timer is injected directly into their interface. Your employees don’t have to switch between multiple apps; instead, they stay in a familiar environment, resulting in highly accurate time entries. Everhour provides a set of tools for managing projects throughout their entire life cycle. Budgeting, forward resource planning, expense tracking, visual dashboards, flexible reports, and much more are just some of the features available. Every small business needs software to help them manage its employees. Financials, taxes, invoices, and even billable hours can all be centralized with Everhour. It also reports on your team’s time efficiency, allowing you to improve workflow. This software does not have a standalone app for Android, but it does have one for iOS. You might be disappointed if you’re an Android user. You can, however, use the software directly from your mobile browser because it is cloud-based and mobile-optimized. Everhour does not offer the ability to make automatic recurring invoices due to the nature of the software. However, suppose the parameters are correctly set. In that case, you can use the software to generate an invoice for any time that has passed automatically. You can even create separate parameters for billable and non-billable tasks. This centralized software lends it a level of simplicity that is often lacking in comprehensive management and time tracking software.

This software provides comprehensive invoices, expenses, billable hours, and project budgets. Everhour delivers a variety of time tracking options. You can view it in several different modes. Weekly, daily, monthly, by the employee, or by the project are some options. Everhour does not allow you to receive payments because it is primarily used for reporting and invoicing. However, it provides a quick and easy way to process payment information. Everhour, like most invoicing and time-tracking software, has a variety of pricing options. Everhour had two pricing plans available at the time of writing. Unlimited users and access to all integrations are included in the basic membership. It’s also worth noting that Everhour’s basic members get a 14-day free trial. You can also schedule a live demonstration of the software. Every service provider must provide excellent customer service. Everhour has a robust web-based help desk to answer any questions you have about the software. Your options are limited if you genuinely need to speak with a representative. Everhour only provides support through an online form.

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