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What is Everwise?

Everwise is a business-focused leadership development and online mentoring platform that includes tools for creating custom mentoring programs, training team members, matching mentors and mentees, gathering feedback, reporting, and more. The cloud-based tool can be scaled to fit any business, and mentoring content can be tailored to help each employee succeed. Businesses can use Everwise to create online mentoring programs for developing business leaders, cultivating personal connections, and more, as well as onboarding courses for mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees can be matched using three different approaches: management matching, hybrid matching with mentee requests but management decisions, and self matching, where mentees can choose their mentor based on Everwise recommendations. Mentees can share their goals with their mentors on the Everwise platform, and mentorship paths can be followed to achieve these goals. At any time, you can add, edit, or delete plans. Mentees are also encouraged to provide feedback on the mentoring system, identify areas for improvement, and recognize mentors who perform well. 

Everwise Learning Experience Platform is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed for large businesses. Higher education, pharmaceuticals, construction, healthcare, and real estate are just a few industries that can benefit from it. Individual goals can be set, as well as progress and organizational-level impacts aligned around specific development goals. Users can see trends and analytics that link activities to outcomes at any level to help them learn and participate more. Everwise provides social learning opportunities such as peer group collaboration and interactive Q&A sessions. Mentors and coaches can coordinate learning goals and structured milestones. Everwise also gives you the option of creating your content and combining it with resources to help your team members improve their skills and knowledge. Everwise includes API integration, data encryption, and security, as well as built-in redundancy to prevent system outages. Administrators can manage employee access and privileges and update content using a centralized user management system. Everwise expands its reach, providing a marketplace with 6,000 mentors from various job levels and roles who can provide more affordable individual guidance or group sessions with up to ten employees, all learning from one another. It also acts as a mentorship platform, allowing larger companies to have their more senior employees teach junior employees how to succeed. It is tied together with a curated and personalized online learning curriculum. 

Meanwhile, through the Academy Builder dashboard, a company’s HR team can keep track of everyone’s progress and performance. We help enterprise L&D and HR teams connect people to the resources they need to succeed at every stage of their careers at Everwise. Most corporate training is either scalable or practical, but not both. We know, however, that there is a better way. Our software and services assist industry leaders in delivering mentoring and other learning and development programs that scale effectively and can be managed by small teams. We can assist you in developing thousands of new managers, supporting Women in Leadership programs, and implementing D&I initiatives. We believe passionately in mentoring and have built the world’s largest community of accomplished mentors for professionals, a key ingredient in our secret sauce.

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