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What is Exceed?

The Exceed platform enables marketing and sales teams to generate more leads from email, SMS, and website visitors. Exceed AI Assistant collaborates with humans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that every lead is followed up on, nurtured, and qualified via two-way email, SMS, and chat conversations. Our AI assistant collaborates with your team to engage with every incoming lead, respond to every inquiry, and qualify your leads at scale, in real-time, through personalized human-like two-way conversations via email, website chat, and SMS. When qualified leads are ready to speak with a salesperson, the Assistant automatically contacts sales and schedules a meeting or demonstration. Exceed.ai is a virtual assistant that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and conversational bot technology to help sales and marketing teams capture and nurture leads and have effective two-way interactions with customers via email or chat forms. Exceed.ai is an online solution that allows users to contact authorities at any time, from any location, using any internet-enabled device.

Exceed is a prospecting tool that allows customers to have human-like conversations with a virtual sales assistant via automated email or website chat forms. Exceed uses machine learning technology to follow and replicate successful sales rep interactions, giving prospects a ‘human experience’ until they qualify to speak with a real human agent. Lead qualification and intelligent response processing are two other automation features that allow the virtual Assistant to understand lead responses and identify sales-ready opportunities. Exceed also has a meeting scheduler, dynamic nurturing technology, and personalization tools like firmographics and user profile data that allow users to meet with leads and tailor lead conversations. From initial engagement to handover to an actual sales agent, Exceed technology assists users in managing leads. Exceed’s sales assistant engages leads, assists, and responds to them, answering frequently asked questions and responding to requests before nurturing and guiding them through the funnel with follow-ups. Exceed qualifies using human-like conversations before passing them along to sales reps to close.

Exceed is a conversational marketing platform that helps marketers convert more email and website visitors into a pipeline. Exceed AI Assistant collaborates with humans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that every lead is followed up on, nurtured, and qualified via two-way email conversations. When a lead has been prepared and is ready to speak with a human, it will book a meeting on your rep’s calendar. When leads are qualified, change jobs, leave the company, are not the right person, or ask to be contacted at a later time, it automatically updates your CRM and marketing automation platform with the most up-to-date lead status. Artificial Intelligence recognizes and responds to leads’ responses when they have questions, show interest, raise objections, or are “out of office.” When leads are qualified, change jobs, leave their company, contact the wrong person, or ask to be contacted later, your CRM is updated with the most up-to-date information. To determine if a lead is sales-ready,’ ask qualifying questions. A virtual SDR can automate the entire process for most businesses before passing the data to a rep to close. Each conversation is tailored for each lead based on firmographics and user profile data. AI virtual assistants are an automated lead follow-up system that detects a lead’s decision point in the buyer’s journey and nurtures them based on their requirements. Eliminate time-consuming back-and-forth communications to efficiently schedule meetings with leads, allowing you to close more deals and convert more opportunities. With Exceed sales assistant, you can boost rep productivity and convert more leads into qualified meetings. Exceed’s sales assistant uses artificial intelligence to ensure that every contact on your list is automatically pushed into the desired sequence at Exceed. Exceed’s sales assistant will converse with each lead in a human-like manner 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ensure that each information is followed up with, nurtured, and qualified according to your company’s sales and marketing playbook. Exceed will also assist in scheduling the meeting between the lead and the sales representative. Exceed.ai works with users and organizations of all sizes and types, including mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, non-profits, and the government. Exceed.ai is available in English. Exceed.ai assists during business hours and online. Exceed.ai integrates with Eloqua, Google Workspace, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Marketo, Microsoft 365, Outreach, Pipedrive, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Zoho CRM, and offers documentation, live online training, and in-person training.

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