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What is Facebook Pages?

Facebook Pages is a mobile application that allows admins to check on their Page activity, view insights, and answer their audience from their phone. The advantage is that you can now see posts from those categories and post to the groups you’ve chosen. Providing you with content tailored to those categories. To organize your news feed, go to News Feed Preferences and select who and what content you want to see, as well as who and what content you don’t want to see. Facebook Pages are a simple tool that provides a plethora of intriguing business opportunities. Some businesses take full advantage of the cool things you can do with a Facebook business Page to connect with, engage, and delight fans, as well as drive traffic to specific parts of their website. A good Facebook business Page precisely represents your brand, is customer-centric, and responds to the needs of potential followers. Potential followers should be enticed to engage more deeply with your brand by visiting your website, signing up for a free event, or connecting your company’s Facebook Group. Facebook redesigned the consumer Page experience on mobile in August 2018.

The most important information about your Page is highlighted, such as the business type, rating, price range, category, and hours. Ensure that all of this information appears. Make sure your Page’s About section is filled out. People can now book an appointment, send a message, or write a recommendation by tapping on a simplified and essential featured suite of action buttons close to your Page’s top. Choose the Page template and action button that create the most sense for your business to get the most out of the updated Page design. When viewing your Facebook Business Page on a desktop, the Our Story section is prominently displayed on the right-hand side, just beneath your cover photo or beneath your Community section when viewing on a mobile device. This section allows you to give Page visitors a more personal look into your company, a few portions to tell customers who you are and what you do, and a chance to connect with the customer in a more human way than the standard About section. You can also upload a header image in the Our Story section. A photo of you or a group photo of your team would work well here as a way to connect more personally with visitors. Encourage Reviews and Recommendations Through Local Business Pages Local business pages have always displayed ratings and reviews on their Page. Still, Facebook is now changing Reviews and Ratings to Recommendations. Recommendations mean you’ll be able to share more detailed feedback about your company, which will help you become more visible in your community and attract more customers.

 When people search for or discuss your business on Facebook, recommendations appear on your Page and are searchable across the platform. The thoughts of the people they know and trust the most will be prominently displayed. Depending on your business and what you offer, Facebook allows you to add and arrange a variety of tabs to your Pages. These tabs can be an excellent way to promote your company’s products, services, and special offers. Messenger is available to all Pages to interact with customers and respond to their messages. A messenger is a powerful tool for customer service when time is limited. Many people prefer to interface with brands via messaging apps rather than phone conversations. Visitors to your Page may notice additional ways to contact you, such as an open chat window. If you’re online or your Page responds quickly to messages, these will appear.

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