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What is Fast mail?

FastMail is an email marketing software that helps users protect their email, calendars, and contacts with security, privacy, and reliability. Fastmail is an email service provider that focuses on safety. If you’re tired of email services like Gmail that bombard you with advertisements, you won’t find any here. Even for individuals, however, there is no free version of the service. Fastmail business accounts have a different set of features, such as creating a custom domain and more. Fastmail is first and foremost a web-based email service with mobile apps. There are no browser extensions or desktop applications available. If you need a more advanced mail client, the best you can do is integrate Fastmail into Windows Outlook or Apple Mail.

If you’ve received a spam email, you’re probably on a spam mailing list. Most modern providers have sophisticated spam filters to reduce the amount of spam in your inbox. Custom spam rule settings in Fastmail allow you to discard messages without having to see them right away. Other statements can be directed to a specific spam folder. Fastmail messages are filtered by Apache SpamAssassin, an open-source anti-spam filter. Message headers are examined using an ever-changing set of rules to determine whether or not the message is spam. For example, it compares message headers to the Bayes database of known spam message addresses. It also gives users the option of customizing it. Using Fastmail’s built-in search feature, you can locate the specific email you require. You can add advanced search parameters to the email header using To and From. That may appear to be a fairly generic function, but there’s more to it than that. Your searches can be saved and added to the sidebar. This is useful if you frequently need to locate specific emails. To avoid overlapping with the primary directory items, you can also search within a particular folder. It helps if you can further organize your search results with an additional set of rules once you have them. You can, for example, create a rule that, based on the results, places all emails that meet the criteria in a different folder. A feature like this is a godsend for productivity. Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, adds an extra layer of security. You can use it to set up additional requirements for logging in that will help you confirm your identity. Fastmail supports two-factor authentication via TOTP apps, separate hardware authenticators, and SMS messages. This feature ensures the security of your email account even if your password is leaked in the open. Even with your password, the attacker will be unable to do anything. The addition of a recovery phone is required. That way, you won’t be locked out of your account if you misplace your 2FA device. Do you need a burner email account to receive mail and then quickly delete it? Aliases are one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Even with a basic understanding, you can create up to 600 aliases. Emails sent to your alias accounts are stored separately in your inbox.

Set your aliases to bounce back all incoming messages to avoid spam altogether. Furthermore, getting rid of an alias is a breeze: you can delete it from the main menu in a matter of seconds. A statement from a friend or family member is probably more important to you than a weekly newsletter. As a result, instead of alerting you about every new news, Fastmail gives you the option of receiving notifications only for the emails that are truly important to you. You can set up automatic contact gathering to only be notified about emails from people you know. You can also choose a few people to be on your VIP list. Fastmail is a strong supporter of this truly open-source project. The JSON Meta Application Protocol, also known as JMAP, is a protocol for email synchronization. It’s well-suited to mobile devices and stateless, significantly facilitating compatibility. Apart from that, all of the code in between is proprietary. It’s impossible to inspect it or make an informed judgment on the security measures they’ve put in place. The company claims that their data centers have onsite technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are actively monitored for anything suspicious. According to the developers, the staff of Fastmail also performs routine maintenance and has no access to your data. All data between data centers is sent over an encrypted VPN connection.

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