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What is FastSpring?

FastSpring is a trusted eCommerce partner for software companies all over the world. FastSpring’s full-service eCommerce solution helps businesses sell more, stay lean, and compete more effectively. A unified dashboard provides integrations, risk management, financial compliance services, and more. It provides a simple-to-use, globally accessible payment gateway that aids in subscription management, billing, tax, and VAT collection. It supports over 15 languages and accepts over 20 currencies. Users can increase productivity, reduce complexity and risks, and increase revenue by 40%. It also helps sell SaaS-enabled technologies by automating billing and dunning management. Its branded checkout experience aids in the reduction of cart abandonment.

We assist you in managing the entire subscription life cycle, from acquisition to activation, upgrades, and renewal. FastSpring can help you increase revenue and eliminate subscription billing issues. Billing and management features in FastSpring’s subscription management app are designed to increase subscription revenue while lowering churn. With our membership and subscription management software, you can monetize the entire customer life cycle by shifting from one-time or occasional purchasers to long-term subscription-based relationships. With our website subscription management software, you can reduce your time to market and start scaling your business with recurring revenue. With different payment gateways and support for all primary payment methods, currencies, and languages, you can collect payments for your products at any time and from anywhere. All of this is managed through a single subscription management service. You can expand your user base with flexible subscription plans that support free trials, monthly and annual paid programs, proration, and discount management. You can easily customize the length, pricing, coupons, and special coupons with FastSpring’s subscription software. You’ll have access to all of the valuable subscription information. Our subscription management software lets you maximize customer lifetime value by nurturing long-term subscription relationships. With solutions that will enable you to automate invoices, receipts, and renewal notices, you can preserve a direct transmission line with your subscription customers. You can also notify your subscribers when their trial is almost over, when payment is due, late payment, or when their subscription is canceled. Reduce churn and disruptions to your recurring revenue with automatic payment retries and reminders to subscribers when their payment details need to be updated. The advantages of automation are limitless.

Create a branded, modern, and intuitive checkout experience that increases conversions, transaction success, and revenue. With FastSpring’s checkout features, you can reduce cart abandonment. Our customizable checkout experiences are designed to generate a seamless and fast shopping experience that your customers will love, whether you’re selling digital products, subscriptions, or software. FastSpring’s Store Builder Library makes it simple to create, implement, and customize checkout flows that increase average order values and reduce cart abandonment. Use custom fields in your checkout to focus on the customer information that matters most to your business and make it easier for customers to purchase. Create dynamic buying experiences for your online store, regardless of whether your customers are on a laptop, a mobile device,  or a desktop computer. Update your custom store and products in real-time. Monitor, test, and adjust product details and checkout processes in real-time and in your environment. Q You don’t need to write complicated code or use IT or Development resources to change product details or prices. Offer dynamic product recommendations with targeted cross-sells, up-sells, and promotions that increase your average order value and drive more sales worldwide to make it easy for customers to add more to their shopping carts. FastSpring is devoted to protecting your software company from risk and managing global regulatory compliance as your full-service eCommerce partner and Merchant of Record. Extend your global reach while avoiding fraud, managing chargebacks, and adhering to current and future regulations. FastSpring all-in-one eCommerce platform takes care of everything! Our 15-factor fraud monitoring and detection algorithm prevents fraudulent transactions from taking place while maintaining a positive customer experience. FastSpring’s platform detects and distinguishes fraud from legitimate customers, allowing you to keep your transaction acceptance rates high. We take on the responsibility of managing and reducing chargebacks on your behalf as a Merchant of Record. A clerical error can cause chargebacks to a fraudulent transaction. Chargeback management can be time-consuming and costly for online retailers. This is why FastSpring’s full-service eCommerce platform includes complete chargeback management. FastSpring complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Our eCommerce platform can handle transactions with any EU-based customer’s online store. FastSpring adheres to the US Department of Commerce’s EU-US Privacy Shield Framework for collecting, using, and retaining personal information from European Union member countries. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is produced to protect consumers and their data regardless of where they shop or how they shop. FastSpring has achieved PCI Level 1 certification, the highest level of certification available.

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