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What is Feedier?

Feedier is an all-in-one feedback management platform that connects people with feedback, giving teams the knowledge and understanding to communicate with their end-users using feedback data and making the best decisions possible. It aids in enhancing customer relationships, the acquisition of new customers, and the improvement of efficiency. By gamifying the process, Feedier aims to increase the quantity and quality of user feedback you receive on your product. Feedier assists you in creating surveys by providing a pre-built template bot that can be customized by changing factors such as the footer note, the domain, the intro content, and the language to match your brand. You can also schedule the survey to begin on a specific date in the future. With Feedier, you can send surveys to your customers via customizable SMS, email, printable PDFs that can be shipped with products, and a configurable widget that can be embedded in your website. Feedier can make conditional flows with animated designs and filters when creating questions. It also includes a reward manager that offers vouchers, money transfers via PayPal, downloadable files, or a special invite key or message in exchange for completed surveys.

Feedier makes it simple to create a new form, customize the branding, and share it via your preferred channel. It also creates interactive feedback forms that are fully branded, responsive, and completely customizable to meet all needs, collects and automates feedback from all sources into one platform by connecting to operational systems, and maps end-user journeys, among other things. Connect and turn feedback into an innovation lever, listen and act at every company level, measure real-time satisfaction, collect valuable insights, create loyalty with rewards, and build long-term commitment with quality Feedback. More are just a few of its features. Measure satisfaction, gather valuable insights, reward to create loyalty, and finally push an Action to create engagement with a unique model: S.I.R.A. Deploy innovative forms in minutes with a unique model: S.I.R.A. Send out highly targeted and amazing feedback requests that will not only improve and speed up your participants’ experience but will also incentivize them to give their feedback. Feedier serves as a data hub. Connect cross-data from your apps and services to the feedback you receive. Make a segmentation of the data you’ll need. You can take sentiment analysis to the next level with machine learning analysis. Assign feedback to your teams, engage your participants, export your data, and generate management insight reports. Identify the factors that contribute to your success and learn how to innovate more quickly.

Customers dislike wasting time with feedback-gathering tools that do not compensate them for their efforts. That is why companies’ surveys receive low response rates. However, with Feedier, you can easily overcome this drawback because the next-generation app allows you to gamify your feedback collection. As a result, you can create a rewards program to motivate your audience. Most customer satisfaction surveys last at least 5 minutes and have multiple pages of questions. Feedier can help you cut down on the time it takes for your customers to fill out the required fields. It is due to the application’s well-organized three-step procedure. As a result, the questions in phase two are based on the responses from phase one. The third step allows you to group customers based on their level of satisfaction to engage them further. Instead of static and boring surveys, you can provide more interactive interfaces with animations and rankings. Your customers will have a more engaging and memorable experience with your feedback tool due to these. Plus, they’ll have more fun filling out your surveys. The results of feedback-gathering tools can help you better understand what your customers want and need from your service. You can improve your offerings and tailor them to meet customers’ needs more effectively.

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