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What is Figma?

Figma is a design platform for collaborative product development teams. Figma is a web-based design tool that enables the entire product team to create, test, and ship better designs faster. Figma is the only platform that combines all of your favorite design features with a more efficient workflow. Figma was created with the web’s future in mind. As a result, you’ll notice features that you won’t find anywhere else. Vector Networks allow you to draw in a different direction. There’s no need to reconnect to the path’s original point. The Arc tool makes creating clocks, watching screens, and pie charts easier. To fully express your brand, take advantage of advanced font features. Spend less time moving things around and more time iterating. Buttons and lists can resize and rearrange themselves when items are moved around. For more accessible responsive design, Auto Layout components can now stretch left and right (or top and bottom). Direction, auto Layout’s padding, and spacing settings translate directly into code, making developer handoffs easier. Remove time-consuming tasks, import data, and create custom workflows. Stock photos, flowcharts, color accessibility, charts, icons, and more are all available. You can create a plugin if you can build a website. Customers with an organization account can create and distribute private plugins within their organization. All the goodies in your libraries are one click away from your design system in the cloud. Create a style that is consistent in color, text, grid, or effect. Across all of your projects, apply them to any text or object. Components can help you design faster. On-the-fly editing and overriding A quick search will bring up the assets you’re looking for. Drag and drop them into your document. Bring in developers early and often in your process. Allow them to obtain the specifications and assets they require. Invite as many teammates to watch and comment as you want (it’s free). Snippets of generated code for CSS, iOS, and Android are available to any viewer. Export only the assets you require in the formats you need. We ship once a week so you can focus on creating more amazing designs. Files and prototypes can be viewed, shared, and accessed anywhere and with anyone. 

The Figma mobile app is now available for iOS and Android users to download. Make interactive components that are reusable and shareable for your design systems and prototypes. In Figma, you can collaborate and play with up to 500 of your closest design friends. Everyone can now contribute to the Figma Community. Share your latest work, a helpful template, or a cool trick with the rest of the world. Figma now supports bulleted and numbered lists. They can organize information, highlight key details, or outline the next steps. You can now switch between different Figma accounts with ease. You can also connect your Community profiles. You can now use comments to communicate with other creators in the Figma Community. Please give feedback on files while they’re still open. Suggestions for plugin features are welcome. Inquire about a fellow creator’s process. Alternatively, show some love. With our new prototype action, layer in the same top-level frame. Use the same screen interactions to make it easier for users to navigate landing pages, carousels, and other features. Auto Layout is becoming more versatile, and it has a new look. Stretch in any direction, independently control padding, and evenly distribute objects—all with an easier-to-use interface. Using Variants, you can organize your design system to organize even the most complex components intuitively. Simplify your asset library by combining variations of the same element. The Inspect Tab has been redesigned (previously called the Code panel). Copy the specs you need for code in new typography, color, borders, and more. With keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly navigate the new UI, spot the correct instance with thumbnails, and quickly search for something specific. 

The Figma Community will be available to all users in the next two weeks, giving you access to a world of templates, reusable assets, example work, and even board games. Allow users to interact with your designs by tying several interactions to a single object. With customized easing curves, you can add dynamic animation to your prototypes. To create depth glows and borders, adjust your shadows’ positive or negative spread. All of this is output to code seamlessly. Embedded design files improve project communication, simplify handoff, and reduce the time and effort required to locate and maintain the most up-to-date designs. You can now turn off the Figma footer and toolbar in Presentation View without going full screen to avoid user confusion when testing websites and web apps. In embeds, a URL parameter also hides the toolbar and footer. You can now export Figma frames, components, and styles to Zeplin using the new Zeplin plugin for a more seamless developer handoff. Thanks to Universal Search, designers and their collaborators will find it easier to see what they’re looking for in Figma. You can now search for projects, teams, files, and people in your workspace.

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