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What is Filevine?

Filevine is a cloud-based case management platform for private law firms, in-house counsel, big law firms, and government prosecutors. All case-related documents, data, notes, and tasks should be stored in the same place. The activity feed module allows you to collaborate across multiple teams and keep track of ongoing studies. Create automated workflows to make daily tasks easier. To restrict access to sensitive information, use role and permission-based access. Connect contacts to legal matters and previous correspondence. Create a map of client interactions to understand each case better. Access all case-related information, documents, notes, tasks, and correspondence from a single location. Standardized procedures, tasks, reminders, and deadlines can all be automated. Operate the activity feed to keep track of tasks in real-time, communicate with clients, and get context. To control access and assign responsibilities, create roles and permissions. Create client intake forms that are specific to the firm’s requirements.

Follow-up tasks and communications required to convert potential clients can be automated. The dashboard displays jobs and tracks lead volume over time, lead sources, revenue by reference, and conversion rate. Connect with Lead Docket to automate lead referrals and access its extensive integration library. Its API-based architecture allows you to add over 2,000 applications. To synchronize legacy accounts, seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks. Google Calendar, Zapier, Office 365, Domo, Vinesign, and Slack are other integrations. Access an end-to-end document management module with unlimited storage, editing, and collaboration tools built-in. DocGen creates custom contracts, retainers, firm reports, demand letters, interrogatories, and more in seconds. Custom document hashtags and OCR can be used to find specific documents. Make your folder structures to organize legal documents by practice areas or cases. Documents must be locked to be edited. Edit PDFs, combine and insert records, and give multiple sets of documents consistent identifiers. You can quickly create dynamic documents, sophisticated forms, visuals, and charts with granular reporting. Combine data from across the system into a single document that can be downloaded, printed, or emailed. Fits in seamlessly with the firm’s current workflows. To manage the entire contract lifecycle, use automated approval workflows, version control, custom alerts, and real-time editing. Create legally binding contracts quickly by using dynamic templates with conditional logic. Self-service templates allow you to create custom contracts, letters, and drafts in bulk. Transfer legacy contracts with captured metadata quickly and easily and keep track of legal obligations with dashboard snapshots.

Report on tasks, notes, time entries, and calendar events, among other things. When reports are needed, set up automatic delivery. Get data-driven insights into top performers, productivity, training opportunities, task completion rates, and cumulative actions are taken, among other things. Any condition or factor can be used to expand or limit report results. Keep a record of every activity entered into the system for 30 days. Get actionable information on employee productivity and company profitability. Expand raw datasets by using the Periscope extension to enable data visualization. For maximum productivity, get recommendations on the best possible combination of workflows and actions. Identify and standardize efficient workflows, and break bad habits. Time can be tracked from anywhere on the platform. Create custom hourly rates for legal professionals and set default rates for common expenses. To make expense tracking easier, use custom templates. Create invoices quickly and easily and link payments to the appropriate bills. Directly from the billing portal, send invoices via email, fax, or postal mail. The billing control panel allows you to create, send, and review active invoices. Allow customers to sign documents electronically by drawing, typing, or uploading an image of their signature. Create custom fields for dates, initials, and signatures using recyclable templates to add up to four signers per document. Track the status of your documents and receive instant notifications when they are updated. Save signed documents and contracts to associated folders automatically. Getting past gesture authentication requires clients and employees to sign in with a selfie. With the mobile application, you can securely access case files and time tracking capabilities while on the go. Keep track of deadlines, statutes of limitations, important events, meetings, and client touch points at all times. The central calendar can be used to schedule meetings, appointments, and tasks for the entire company. Filter the view to focus on specific employees and create actionable jobs using calendar report

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