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What is financialforce?

FinancialForce is accounting software designed specifically for Salesforce customers to help them streamline ordering, billing, and revenue activities by leveraging Salesforce data. FinancialForce allows you to manage people, projects, customers, and finances all in one place. FinancialForce applications assist businesses in connecting the front and back offices so that your team has real-time access to the data that drives the business. Our apps are built around the customer and are built on the Salesforce platform, allowing users to see sales, financials, and projects all in one customer record. You have crisp processes, clear visibility, and the ability to act from anywhere when your sales, services, finance, and HR apps are organized around the customer. FinancialForce provides customer-centric business applications on Salesforce’s leading cloud platform. We enable real-time insights and intelligent decision-making, accelerating business growth with the only modern ERP suite and the #1 professional services automation (PSA). Learn more about how Salesforce and FinancialForce can help you see your customers in full color. FinancialForce PSA provides users with complete visibility into their sales, finances, and services. Users can manage clients, team members, projects, and financial data in one PSA system. Users get consistent data points to keep track of resources and make accurate estimates. FinancialForce PSA’s full capabilities include sales engagement, project management, time and expense management, and resource management. FinancialForce PSA is a powerful PSA that provides users with a wide range of features. It has a user-friendly interface and a straightforward implementation process that eliminates confusion. It also works with NetSuite, Salesforce, Sales Cloud, FinancialForce Accounting, and other financial management software. The overall performance of FinancialForce PSA streamlines routine operations. It quickly governs projects, teams, customers, and financial responsibilities, making it a robust and helpful software.

Users can access a master customer database with real-time transparency and seamless collaboration across projects, resources, and clients. FinancialForce PSA allows users to gain deep analytics and robust insights to make more timely and informed business decisions. Users can automate every aspect of their business, from opportunities to revenue tracking. Flexible and Cohesive is an adaptable solution that works for small and large companies. Its cloud deployment enables users to collaborate with every key employee and internal and external stakeholders in real-time. FinancialForce PSA can display resource data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing users to retrieve or save resources quickly. The mobile app will enable users to access time and expense management and upload snapshots of expense receipts. By making the app accessible on any connected device, the app can help streamline the time and expense tracking process. Users can use the billing and revenue recognition module to generate accurate forecasting and predictions. It includes detailed scheduling information as well as a revenue impact analysis. Users also get current and future perspectives on their sales pipeline, as well as complete transparency. FinancialForce PSA’s flexible dashboards can be used by executives, resource and project managers, financiers, and consultants to study and evaluate key performance metrics.

FinancialForce PSA’s resource management accessory allows users to understand every aspect of a resource schedule, including project time, PTO, non-billable time, to maximize staffing and dominate project management. Users can keep track of resource skills, certifications, and availability and monitor and tailor utilization metrics to meet their resource scheduling needs. Users can use the resource management tool throughout a project to check capacity, backlogs, and availability. This module can display resource schedule information online in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users can locate, save, and generate resources immediately or in the future. Users can use this solution’s sales engagement tool to actively participate in the sales cycle, forming reliable quotes and keeping track of customer expectations. Users can increase margins and client satisfaction by gaining visibility during the brainstorming stages of sales. The sales engagement tool gives users complete visibility into the sales channel, planning by anticipating supply and demand gaps. Users can also predict resource requirements before a deal closes, allowing them to make more informed business decisions. Using the PSA communities accessory, users can share current data, reports, and project plans with internal and external stakeholders. Users can start discussions right away and share the documents they need. This tool also allows users to communicate with customers and collaborate by sharing project statuses, data, and files. Users can use the PSA communities module to keep partners and subcontractors informed about project costs, availability, and influences by sharing relevant prices, availability, and project influences. This add-on can display partner and subcontractor costs as they occur, submit time and expenses automatically, and track invoices and vendor cost budgets. Users can use the project management accessory to create new projects with just one click. All of the necessary information is automatically entered. Advanced project templates can help users save time and ensure that projects are delivered consistently, resulting in positive outcomes. The project management tool allows users to carry out workflows and strategies. Managers have customizable views of their assignments, intricate workflows are quickly activated to meet the most complex assignments, and resources can be assigned to specific projects or jobs with WBS support. The project management tool also includes interactive Gantt charts that allow users to see plans, dependencies, and timelines in detail. Users can look up project information, filter it, and look at individual resource schedules. Users can effectively respond to changes by moving or placing assignments using the drag-and-drop component.

The time and expense management tool allow users to easily modify time for responsibilities and jobs all in one place. Users can copy from previous weeks or other schedules. With this module, users can approve procedures via emails, social media feeds, and mobile devices. Bulk approvals come in handy when there are a lot of timecards or expenses to agree on. Users can input or validate timecards and costs using the FinancialForce app’s time and expense management module. Users can also upload expense receipt snapshots. The project financials accessory allows users to examine a project’s financial progress. They have access to revenue, bookings, backlog, billing, budgets, and rate realization at any time and from any location.

Users can easily filter data by region, practice, or group breakdowns with this module. With the project or portfolio-mode views, users can also keep track of the project’s revenue costs and margins. The revenue recognition extension in FinancialForce PSA’s project financials component allows users to create revenue recognition standards to match their business needs or procedures. Users can import revenue transactions into their accounting software and see exactly what is ready to bill, what has already been billed, and what has been invoiced. Actuals can be compared to budgets in real-time with this tool. Users can use access and workflow restrictions to control budget approvals and requested changes. Users can send bills to their preferred financial system using the billing and revenue recognition accessory. As their projects are completed and submitted for flexible approval, this tool allows them to assemble billing data quickly. Users can create a secure audit trail to ensure compliance and easily input revenue transactions into your financial application. Users can use the dashboard and reporting feature to view performance and critical KPIs quickly. This feature provides users with robust, adaptable dashboards and reports, and important data, allowing them to make vital and timely administrative decisions. Users can also create a library of status reports for their archives and set up automation to send customizable messages and files via email. Personalized management dashboards are included in the dashboard and reporting feature. Executives, resource managers, project managers, financiers, and consultants can all benefit from these dashboards. Users can also create data access rights for specific roles and divide metrics to review valuable metrics.

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