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What is Fingercheck?

Fingercheck is a human resources platform that can change the way small businesses operate. You can review and manage hiring, payroll, HR, employee onboarding, insurance, and benefits all in one place with Fingercheck. Fingercheck offers you the tools you need to simplify and streamline your team’s workflows. Fingercheck is an HR management platform that helps businesses manage payroll, benefits, and insurance for employees and facilitate the entire recruitment lifecycle, from applicant tracking to onboarding. Managers can use time clocks, biometric fingerprints, mobile applications, text or web punch-ins, and facial recognition technology to track employee attendance and working hours. Fingercheck enables businesses to create job postings, score candidates based on their eligibility for the roles they’re applying for, and conduct background checks to speed up the hiring process. HR professionals can use the drag-and-drop interface to create, assign, and share work schedules with team members, resulting in improved workflows throughout the company. Businesses can use data encryption to protect confidential information and send emails to candidates informing them of their application status.

Fingercheck’s centralized dashboard allows administrators to manage paid time off (PTO) requests and payroll processes and approve submitted time cards and generate reports. Benefits management, expense tracking, collaboration, certificate management, membership renewals, a self-service portal, electronic signature, and contract generation are among the software’s other features. Fingercheck is designed for small to medium-sized businesses that require a simple time-tracking system. You can use Fingercheck from anywhere in the world and have access to all of your data at any time. Fingercheck is a modern business’s unified human resource management solution. It assists them with employee onboarding, payroll, HR functions, time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and more. Fingercheck’s automatic deposit feature aids businesses in automating their payroll remittance process. It also allows users to choose pay schedules and preview payrolls. The software can automate payroll processes while ensuring full compliance with state, federal, and municipal tax codes. Onboarding dashboards provide a summary of consolidated employee data for Professional Onboarding. Auto-populated forms reduce paperwork, reduce audit risk, and allow for digital onboarding. Monitor progress in real-time, manage paperwork by uploading and selecting document templates and use your mobile device to access all features. Manage employee benefits such as medical, dental, and vision, and insurance policies such as workers’ compensation, disability, paid family leave, general liability, and others, with efficiency. The system integrates benefits with payroll, HR, compliance, and time tracking for efficient handling. HR Management analyzes key team metrics directly from the dashboard and grants employees customized access so they can manage their benefits and PTO on their own, resulting in increased engagement, involvement, and satisfaction. Explore the HR concierge platform by storing all employee information and emergency contacts in a centralized portal, gaining access to functionalities whenever needed, and storing all employee information and emergency contacts.

Fingercheck’s features such as ACA reporting, digitized insurance cards, online open enrollment, and more make insurance and benefits offered to individual employees simple. Personal expenses can also be tracked, classified, and recurring payments assigned using the software. Fingercheck is a full-featured time-tracking software for startups and agencies. Fingercheck offers Windows-based end-to-end solutions. Reporting/Analytics, Workstation Tracking, Multi-State, Check Printing, and Activity Tracking is all available in one place with this online Time Clock system. With storage on external servers and regular backups, it ensures that no data is ever lost. Automate the payroll process and secure federal and state tax compliance. Calculate pay based on timesheet data automatically, ensuring no errors or miscalculations in payroll processing. Automatic deposit is a feature of Fingercheck that allows businesses to automate the payroll remittance process. Users can also preview payroll and choose pay schedules. Users can also generate W-2 and 1099 forms with Fingercheck. Automatically compiled data and direct integration aid in reducing errors and preview and editing of payroll before processing and make the whole thing go faster. It allows employees to control and monitor payroll on their own, ensure compliance with federal, state, and municipal tax codes, and ensure no data loss with regular backups by enabling Autopay.

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