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What is Firebase?

Firebase is a powerful product that gives you the tools to build robust apps, grow your user base, and earn money with Ad Mob. It is very reliable and will enable us to use key features such as Realtime Database, User Authentication, and Hosting for free. One of the most usual problems the developers face is creating complex structures and logic to manage data and the application’s flow. This consumes a significant quantity of their time and effort. With the help of Firebase, one can now complete tasks much more quickly and with less effort, as it manages all of the complex data structures on its own. Firebase’s real-time database is a unique feature. It does not require the user to refresh the web page or application screen to get updated data. Any data modified on any other connected system will be updated. Firebase has its SDK that handles these tasks automatically, without the need for the user to do anything. As a result, all connected users are notified immediately whenever a Firebase database is updated. This also eliminates the need for ‘pull-to-refresh’ in applications because the data will update on its own. This saves time and permits the developer to concentrate on the features. Firebase saves time and provides a wealth of useful tools that are simple to use for both new and experienced developers.

This is one of Firebase’s most basic functions. This makes it simple for users to save and sync data to the cloud. Firebase holds user data securely and takes privacy seriously, making it more dependable and trustworthy. Users can sign up using their email address and password or use their Facebook, Google, Twitter, or GitHub accounts. For all of these, Firebase provides SDKs that are very simple to use. Aside from that, it also permits users to sign in anonymously. This gives the user a temporary account that he can use to access the application. We can restrict what the temporary user can see in our application. This allows unsuspecting users to get a sense of what to expect from the app before registering. Suppose the quick user decides to create an account. In that case, we can link his brief account to his existing account, ensuring that his data is not lost. As previously stated, the real-time database is one of Firebase’s most intriguing features. We can add, update, or remove data from one device. The changes will be reflected instantly and without user interaction on all linked devices. Even if the user goes offline, the data is still accessible. While the user is offline, the data can be updated. The changes will be reflected as soon as the user reconnects to the network. The data is kept in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a simple management format. Firebase is simple and quick to set up. You can focus on resolving your customers’ problems instead of wasting time building complex infrastructures with intuitive APIs packaged into a single SDK. Firebase currently supports the development of Android, iOS, and Web applications.

Google Analytics will be phased out in favor of Firebase Analytics. We can use all of the features of Google Analytics with Firebase Analytics. We can also link different sets of users with varying rules, allowing us to control what a user sees in our app. Firebase Analytics is a tool for evaluating applications. There is no quota, and it is completely free to use. It provides information on how people use the app and how engaged they are with it. It allows us to create custom users who can assist us in managing various demographics. These multiple categories can be used to target a specific group of users. This can be accomplished by utilizing numerous Firebase features, such as notifications. It also assists you in determining how everyone uses the app on multiple platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, and web). You can connect your analytics data to ‘BigQuery,’ which permits more complex analysis such as querying large data sets and joining many data sources if you need to perform custom analysis or enter your data with other sources. It also records events for each crash so you can get a sense of the crash rate for different versions or regions and see which users are affected. You can also use FCM to communicate with users who have had multiple crashes by creating a custom set of audiences. ​ It keeps track of which OS versions and devices are experiencing the most hits, and it can help us work out the problem. The well-known GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) is set to be replaced by Firebase’s FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) (Firebase Cloud Messaging). In comparison to GCM, FCM is free, dependable, and simple to implement. You can use FCM to notify a client application about anything at any time. We can send notifications to a specific group of users or the entire user base at once. It also enables us to specify a particular time for sending the message to the user. Firebase is a very powerful and user-friendly platform. This certainly makes a developer’s life easier. He can focus less on data management logic because Firebase handles it with ease and few code lines. Suppose you don’t have a large user base. In that case, Firebase is free to use unless you want features like Test Labs (which runs custom test scripts on hundreds of device configurations and provides feedback) or more cloud storage space. Firebase is now an integral part of the development and will continue to be so for a long time.

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