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What is Fireflies?

In minutes, Fireflies can automatically transcribe live meetings and upload audio files. It also functions as a smart AI-powered meeting recorder and a central platform for post-meeting collaborations. Fireflies are sometimes referred to as a meeting transcription app. Others, an artificial intelligence (AI) meeting assistant. Then some claim Fireflies is a program that converts audio files into text. To make things even easier, consider Fireflies as your AI meeting assistant. This broad term encompasses everything Fireflies can do. Your online and in-person meetings are recorded and transcribed so you can focus on your conversations. Assist teams in forming fruitful post-meeting collaborations. Smart Search Filters is a powerful, time-saving feature. After your call, you can search through your automatically generated transcript to find important action items, tasks, and other meeting insights. Hour-long meetings can be reviewed in minutes. That isn’t an exaggeration at all. Using Fireflies’ integrations, you can automate your workflow. You can customize your preferences, such as which meetings Fred (Fireflies AI notetaker bot) will attend, who will receive meeting recaps, and how to turn on the meeting compliance feature, to name a few. Furthermore, based on the email domains of participants, our system will automatically detect meetings with teammates and meetings with external participants.

You can enable a call disclaimer notification automatically in the Meeting Compliance section. Every call should include this information. We recommend using this feature to obtain or revoke consent from meeting participants. You can personalize the message based on the call recording laws in your area or your personal preferences. By clicking the text in the notification, you can change it. When you’re finished, don’t forget to click Save. Select the type of meeting you usually attend in the Industry Settings section. As a result, Fireflies can optimize the speech model by industry standards, ensuring accurate transcriptions. You can use Custom Vocabulary to add words or phrases specific to your company to the Custom Vocabulary section. As a result, AI transcription is improved. It’s simple to invite Fireflies to your meeting. To record and transcribe your meetings, ask Fireflies to Zoom or any of the video-conferencing platforms with which Fireflies integrates. You can use Fireflies Zoom native integration to transcribe your meetings in real-time Zoom meetings. You won’t have to invite Fred to your Zoom meetings if you use this integration. After you’ve activated it, go to your Zoom meeting and click Record to the Cloud. The recording Zoom meeting will appear in your Fireflies Notebook automatically. Before entering the meeting, fireflies will ask for permission, just like any other meeting participant. Fireflies will begin processing the transcript only after the meeting has ended or after Fred has left the meeting. Fireflies generate searchable transcripts with over 90% accuracy in 15 to 20 minutes on average. The length of your call will also affect the processing time. Once the transcript is ready, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to the transcript after the 15-20 minute post-meeting period has ended. The transcript will appear in your Fireflies Notebook automatically. You can then use your newly generated meeting transcript to view, edit, and collaborate with your teammates.

All of your meetings—as well as the meetings of your team members—are kept in the Fireflies Notebook. It’s also where you can work together with your team in real-time. You can quickly search all of your past, current, and upcoming meetings. Meetings can be filtered by meeting host, date, and title. You can listen to the audio, read the transcripts, leave comments, and create Soundbites by clicking on a specific meeting. The features of Fireflies Notebook make team collaboration a breeze. It makes sure that everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done. It also assists teams in making the best decisions possible by allowing them to access valuable information at any time. Fireflies notebook is packed with intuitive features that will enable you to quickly find the meat of an hour-long meeting. Meeting Markers will highlight key points from sessions so that you or your colleagues can review them later. Make notes on specific sections of a meeting recording. Type your message and press the Submit button. Convert your meetings into short audio clips. Anyone can listen to the soundbites. A powerful search feature that permits you to skim through a one-hour session quickly. Using the search function, you can look for action items, topics, and key meeting takeaways. You can even use sentiment analysis to determine how meeting attendees feel about the call. The entire meeting transcript is kept in the transcript section. It contains unedited and unfiltered rich automated meeting notes. You can hear the audio version by hovering your mouse over it and clicking it. Yes, you can also edit your transcripts. Topic trackers make it simple to find and highlight important parts of your meetings. Enter your custom topics or keywords. integrates with the best apps available today, so you don’t have to waste time doing manual tasks. It will also assist you in having more productive workflows. Fireflies will automatically send the transcript to specific apps in addition to recording and transcribing your meetings. Fireflies can also log calls, notes, and transcripts under the appropriate contact in Salesforce. As of this writing, Fireflies supports over 30 different integrations. isn’t your typical artificial intelligence notetaker. It’s a true game-changer, as our customers describe it. Individuals and businesses benefit from having a single source of important information that they can easily refer to during meetings. It aids teams in resolving issues, sharing opinions, clarifying points of view, and making better decisions. Most importantly, Fireflies improve the effectiveness of meetings to get a good return on the time you spend planning and participating in them.

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