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What is Flaticon?

Flaticon is a Freepik company with one of the world’s largest icon collections. Even though the company advertises itself as a free icon provider, it is a freemium service. Yes, some icons are free, but premium icons are also available. Flaticon’s icons were previously available on Freepik. However, in 2013, the founders of Freepik decided to move the icons section to a separate website, resulting in the creation of Flaticon, a Freepik sister site. Flaticon provides icons in various formats that you can download and edit to suit your needs. Flaticon is a website that only sells icons. You will not be able to download any other types of graphics from there. All of the icons on the site are flat icons, as the name implies. Flat icons are a type of design that uses a blend of matte colors to create a plan with less contrast but more highlighting and shadow details. Flaticon is not known for its glossy icons. The website’s collection of icons is quite impressive. There are over three million icons available to choose from. Almost every icon is available in a pack. Each icon bundle can have any number of icons in it. For example, a bundle could contain 36 icons or 50 icons, and so on. Flaticon has 10,235 icon packs available, which include over 3 million individual icons. Some of the icons on the site are free, but you must credit the icon creator if you want to use one for free. Some icons are only available to premium subscribers. This means that even if you say you’ll give proper credit, you won’t be able to download the icons unless you pay for a premium subscription.

Flaticon will provide you with numerous reasons to upgrade to a premium subscription. Paying for their premium subscription is a bargain, as it grants instant access to over 3 million premium icons in inclusion to the free ones. Every icon on Flaticon is beautifully designed and seamlessly integrated into your project. If you’re working on a design project requiring meticulous attention to detail, clean and sharp designs are ideal. Flaticon icons are designed with great attention to detail, making them one of the most popular websites for those seeking icons. Yes, you can use many of the icons on Flaticon for free. You are not required to pay anything to use those icons. The single stipulation is that you credit the person who created the icon. Flaticon has a huge collection of icons. You’ll almost certainly find an icon that perfectly fits your requirements. There will be some categories or specific topics for which you will not find the exact icons you require. Still, the chances of finding something close to what you require are very good. Flaticon has made it simple to download icons. Some websites need you to go through the steps to download the icons. This can be aggravating. All you have to do with Flaticon is choose the file type icon size and click the download button! The icons will be downloaded right away. 

Additionally, after registering for a free account on the website, you can create a collection of various icons. You can download all icons once you’ve completed the collection. However, keep in mind that free users will be limited to a certain number of downloads per day. It can be excruciatingly painful to locate individual icons. Flaticon has organized the icons into packs for this reason. Icon packs are collections of related icons. Suppose you’re looking for social media logo icons, for example. In that case, there’s a whole package that includes icons for all of the most popular social media platforms. Every icon comes in a variety of sizes and formats. You are not limited to a single layout. You can select from a variety of designs to download. PNG, BASE 64, PSD, EPS, and SVG are among the formats you’ll receive. If you choose the PNG format, you can customize the icon’s size and color. Because the rest of the designs are scalable, you don’t have to choose a size for them. You can change the size of them according to your needs. You can make a pattern with Flaticon by combining icons from the site. The designs can be used for various purposes, including website background images, flyer backgrounds, and more. When properly applied, patterns can aid in brand recognition. So, if you want to experiment with that feature, go ahead and do so. However, keep in mind that icon packs must use the feature. If you’re looking for specific icons, it won’t work. Flaticon can create randomized patterns using the icon set you’ve selected, or you can create your design. Several YouTube videos can assist you in understanding how to use this feature!

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