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What is Flexport?

The modern freight forwarder is Flexport. Flexport allows businesses to move, finance, and make better freight decisions all on one digital platform. A unique merge of technology, logistics infrastructure, and expertise enables us to provide our services. Flexport’s business model is based on various services related to cargo shipping. The fees for transporting goods are their main source of income. Storage of goods (warehousing), customs brokerage, shipment insurance, and trade financing offers are other revenue streams. Flexport has developed software tools to help businesses manage and track their logistics operations. After that, these software tools are linked to their fleet. Flexport, in particular, offers ocean, air, and truck shipments. These activities are either outsourced to other companies (for example, ocean shipping via a vessel) or managed by their fleet (Flexport, for instance, charters their airplane). Flexport also offers other supply chain services related to the shipment. It can, for example, fill out customs forms and provide shipment insurance.

Flexport’s revenue model is built on a foundation of multiple sources of income. Software is heavily used both on the customer site and internally to optimize the delivery of their services. The transportation services that Flexport provides to its various business clients are its primary source of revenue. Transportation can occur by air, sea, or land, depending on the route and type of goods being transported. Flexport also handles storage through its warehouses or third-party storage partners. Similarly, the company deals with transportation or by a third party. Flexport is digitizing freight forwarding, allowing shippers to have more visibility and control over the process. It provides a single end-to-end platform that allows cargo owners to track their shipments in real-time and streamlines communication between the various parties involved in the shipping process. A competitive pricing tool for each shipment, a dashboard to track and monitor global shipments in real-time, and data analytics and reporting to better understand the shipper’s supply chain are all included in the main product. Flexport provides a dedicated point of contact for all of these services. In a nutshell, Flexport can provide more transparent shipping with more data generation, thereby providing incumbents with a far superior service. Moreover, despite lacking the scale of some of the largest freight forwarders, they can offer competitive pricing thanks to their data analytics capabilities, reducing cargo travel time by up to five days on some global routes.

Flexport is a fully licensed freight forwarder that manages the freight movements of our clients. We have dedicated teams, including a licensed customs broker, logistics manager, and operations coordinators, responsible for every client’s success from beginning to end. When the shortage of freight capacity is putting logistics to the test, freight forwarder Flexport has begun a new service to assist clients monitor for issues in supply chains. Flexport Order Management, which is now accessible on the Flexport platform, allows consignees and suppliers to communicate via order-level messaging, automatic reminders, and built-in approval flows. According to the company, the service also connects the unit cost and stock-keeping unit (SKU) data associated with a purchase order to shipments and bookings, reducing errors and delays in shipping goods worldwide.

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