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What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a social news reader that allows you to follow people, topics, and important publications. The social news platform began as a popular iPad app. Since its launch in 2010, it has extended to include various devices. The collaborative digital magazine tool creates a news reading experience based on topics you’ve chosen, publications you’ve subscribed to, and previous articles you’ve read. A digital magazine on Flipboard is a collection of pieces created and curated by the Washington Post, digital news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal,  Axios, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and others based on their published content. Flipboard users can subscribe to digital magazines created by brands and individuals.

Curation is an important Flipboard feature, and digital magazines can have multiple curators assigned to add new articles to a “collection.” You can skim articles right away or save them to read later, and you can choose whether your magazine is only visible to you or the public. Those who have been set to private can later be changed to public. Articles on Flipboard are presented in a magazine format, allowing you to move through them as you would a printed magazine. Because photos are an important part of the magazine experience, they’re featured prominently on the website and in the app. Flipboard is more than just a news aggregator. It is also a social media platform. You can share or like articles on Flipboard with other app users or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Users of Flipboard can also comment on articles directly within the app, bringing the engagement element back to news reading. You can set up alerts in the Flipboard app to stay updated on breaking news and most-read stories across the web on over 30,000 topics. Flipboard allows you to receive news and social activity notifications, as well as set activity alerts for your friends, followers, and magazines. All of this can be done using any Flipboard sharing tools from your phone, tablet, or computer’s web browser.

How do you use the mobile app or the website to make a Flipboard magazine with all of your favorite stories? To make a Flipboard magazine, go to your profile on the app or website, where you’ll find the option to create a new one. You’ll be asked to choose a category for your new magazine after tapping or clicking on the opportunity to create one. You can create a new magazine on the Flipboard mobile app or in a web browser. Make sure your Flipboard app is updated on Android and iOS to get the most out of local news. You’ll be asked to choose one or more to follow, and they’ll be added to your Flipboard Following tab in the app, allowing you to jump back to your local topic at any time. Stories and videos from local publishers, blogs, and TV stations will appear in your For You feed, allowing you to stay connected to your community as you browse Flipboard. The most intriguing aspect of Flipboard is that it is also a web-based application. It can be accessed by both mobile and web users once they get home and sit down in front of their computers. Flipboard is PCMag’s favorite multiplatform newsreader for a reason. It does an excellent job of combining articles, video, and social media into a personalized digital magazine that is accessible and feature-rich. Flipboard’s recently updated Android app, which features a beautiful and user-friendly redesign, has remained the de facto Android news-reading app because much of the competition, including The Daily and Zite, has vanished. In any case, the free Flipboard app is a near-flawless news app that no news junkie should be without. I tested Flipboard for Android, and there’s also an iPhone app and a Web browser version, with similar results in all cases.

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