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What is Flipkey Travellers?

Flipkey Travellers is a vacation rental website that helps you find a property in any part of the world that fits your budget. Travelers enter key information about their trip when looking for a place to stay (including destination, dates, and number of guests). The results of their search show the rentals that best meet their needs. The traveler can use additional filters to narrow down their probe even more. When someone clicks on your listing, they’ll see the rental price based on the rates you’ve set in your dashboard. They select a Book now when they are ready to book, which takes them to the payment page. Our booking fee and any other fees or damage deposits you choose to add are included in the price the traveler sees. The traveler enters their contact and payment information to book their rental. Your cancellation policy, rental agreement, and terms and conditions will be confirmed on the payment page. The guest’s card or PayPal account is authorized for the booking payment, but they are not charged until you accept the booking request. We inform them that you have 24 hours to get their request for a reservation. The traveler’s payment method authorization will be removed, and they will not be charged if you reject the booking request or let it expire. If you offer Instant Booking, the guest will be charged and directed to a confirmation page right away. They will receive confirmation from their email of their reservation shortly after.

The traveler can access the Manage my booking page or their Rental Inbox at any time after submitting their request. They can find all their reservation information here (like those included in your Welcome Pack). They can also send you messages and, in rare cases, change or cancel your reservations. While the traveler can contact you at any time via their Rental Inbox or Manage My Booking, sending them a personal message before their arrival may go a long way. If you don’t live near your guests, make sure they have the contact information for a local representative in case they have any issues. Ascertain that the traveler has all necessary information ahead of time (fill in your Welcome Pack to make this easy to manage). You can also contact them after their check-in date to see if they’ve settled in. Make sure the place is clean and ready for their arrival. Let the traveler know if anything significant has changed at the property (for example, if you’ve had renovation work done). Customize the traveler’s experience to meet their specific requirements. If they have any issues during their stay, try to be as helpful and patient as possible and work with them to solve them. We will ask your guest to leave a review after their stay so that others can learn about their experience at your property. According to recent research, it is a fantastic way to get more people to book your rental – according to a recent study, just 1-2 reviews can double traveler interest in your listing. Suppose you collect a damage deposit but don’t report any damage. In that case, the funds will be automatically returned to the guest via the payment method they used to make the deposit. If the payment were split, the remaining balance would be returned to the same payment method. 

FlipKey has an advantage over other apartment rental services. It covers over 11,000 cities worldwide, including Europe, South America, and the Middle East. It has over 240,000 vacation homes, including private island rentals. When you compare that to the 10-50 cities listed on some rental sites, you’ll notice that you have many more options. FlipKey is a part of TripAdvisor, the world’s largest and most trusted travel website, which means a larger pool of honest feedback and a larger community of travellers. While this can be a little overwhelming, I wasn’t limited in my options. I wasn’t presented with a list of apartments with little or no reviews from other travelers, which made the decision-making process a lot easier. The website includes a ‘book now’ option, which eliminates the back-and-forth messaging with the owner that is typically associated with an apartment rental booking. Rest assured that FlipKey has verified all owners, and you can always contact the owner if you have any questions about the location, nearby transportation options, inventory, or anything else.

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