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What is Flock?

Flock is a cloud-based messaging application that makes it easier for businesses to manage their tasks. You can use Flock to organize all of your workstreams, including instant messaging, channel creation, and integration with MailChimp, Dropbox, Jira, Google, Trello, and other apps. Reminders, Notes, Shared To-Dos, Polls, and other built-in features are included in Flock. Flock’s channels make it easier to make decisions and solve problems. To achieve your business goals, organize your conversations and manage your work in media. From team projects to company-wide initiatives, create a discussion channel for anything worth discussing. Discord caused by sloppy chats and emails should be eliminated. To get a better handle on work, work async. Flock’s built-in video and voice calling system keeps your employees connected and engaged no matter where they work. When text won’t cut it, communicate in person to verbalize feedback and clarify tone. To get into the details and visually convey your message, share your screen from any device. Flock is packed with features and tools that make communication and collaboration a breeze for everyone in the company from top to bottom. With secure, real-time file sharing, you can keep your company’s information safe and secure. Shared notes, to-dos, and reminders keep stakeholders informed and projects on track. 

You can start a direct chat or a group conversation with almost anyone with the entire company directory at your fingertips. Alternatively, create a channel and invite everyone to contribute their thoughts. Use a private channel for focused discussions or a public one to make it easy for your coworkers to regularly find and participate in meaningful conversations. It’s simple to connect with remote teams using Flock’s video conferencing tool. Join a video call from within a chat or channel and share your screen to get into the details. Even when you’re on the go, keep everyone on the same page. Do you need to share a lot of photos with your coworkers? Drag and drop any file, and you’ll also be able to see previews of shared files. Want to find a file that someone else shared? In Flock, you can see all of the shared files and content in one place. Using Flock for your search is a breeze. You can find what you’re looking for with Flock’s advanced search capabilities, whether it’s messages, files, or links, regardless of who shared it or when it was shared. Do you need to work with vendors for your events or a PR firm but don’t want to give them access to your company’s sensitive data? On Flock, add them as guests and specify which chats and channels they can use. In a single location, collaborate with everyone. Are you ecstatic about your big client win? You can use Flock to broadcast information to everyone via one-way Announcement channels, which are only accessible to team admins. There’s no need to guess if everyone got the message! Are you still searching your desk for your coworkers? You can access the entire company’s team directory with Flock. In this way, you will easily communicate with anyone in your company. It cannot be easy to share with multiple parties via email. You can email an entire channel at once using Flock’s auto-generated mailing lists. You can even customize the way you manage your mailing lists. 

Collaborate with friends from other media or even people who aren’t part of Flock! Stop sifting through a slew of chat messages looking for that one crucial link or phone number. Anything important, from a message to a link, can be saved to your bookmarks so you can return to it at any time. You can pre-define membership rules for channels with Flock’s Smart Channels. Once set up, any new employee who meets the criteria will be automatically added to the track. You can call and teleconference with your team in real-time with Flock. Pick up the phone, use a pin on Flock to invite your team to a conference room, and start talking. By creating to-dos for yourself and your team, you can quickly turn those discussions into tasks by creating a channel for the project. That’s all there is to it. Allow the Shared To-dos bot to remind you of your daily tasks every morning. There’s no need to rush to meet deadlines. Allow users to vote anonymously by posting a question on the channel. Create fun, image-based polls for your team to take it to the next level. You can download a vote tally to get the final word, and polls are automatically updated across channels. Take notes and share them with your coworkers quickly using the Notes tool. All edits can be made by anyone with whom you’ve shared the message, and they’ll be reflected across all of the chats where you’ve shared it. You’ll never forget a task or miss a deadline again with Flock. Simple as that, or using the old-fashioned slash commands, you can set a reminder against any message in an online chat. As an aside, it’s also possible to create one-time reminders for all members of a particular channel. Rather than talking, let your code speak for itself as you share it with your coworkers. Code language and syntax are automatically detected by Flock. Even the most complicated workflows, such as reimbursement claims and IT requests, can be simplified and automated with Process Automation. Within Flock, you’ll get real-time updates on the tasks you’re working on. With Google Drive’s deep integration with Flock, you can change the way you collaborate. From within Flock, you can access your entire Google Drive. Any Google Drive file or folder can be found and shared. Alternatively, you can create new ones and share them with your teammates right from the app. Make Flock the center of your team’s efforts.

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