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What is Flow?

Flow is a project management tool. MetaLab’s Flow was launched in 2011 as a task management system designed for personal use. Thousands of companies, including Del Monte, Adobe, Costco, MIT, and others, have used this tool. For all users, from individuals to large corporations, Flow provides responsive project management, task management, issue tracking, collaboration, notifications, reporting, and standard project management features, among other things. Flow is integrated with many tools that allow you to create tasks and subtasks, just like any other project management tool.

It lets you set priorities, dates, and reminders, all of which can be easily synced between your PC and mobile devices. It also has a calendar view, which several project management software does not. The calendar feature helps plan weekly or monthly goals and get a sense of what to expect at the end of the week or month. Flow is a web-based program that works with most web browsers on both Windows and Mac and most smartphones. It’s incredibly user-friendly. When you log in, you’ll see that Flow gives you a brief tutorial on where to go on your screen, how to create a new project, and how to add new team members. Fortunately, because Flow is not overly complicated and easy to use, you won’t need any tutorials to start quickly. Flow is a straightforward project management tool that focuses on task management. Its structure revolves around workspaces, divided into lists, groups, and individual tasks. Workspaces are the tool’s largest units, and they can be arranged in any way that best suits your needs. Separate departments, teams, companies within a company, and individual product launches can all be created in workspaces. In general, each workspace can have its icons, companies, members, groups, and lists, all of which are distinct from those in your other workspaces. Lists are Flow’s second-largest structure. Lists are the most effective way to connect with others, assign tasks, and keep the workspace moving forward. The list comprises individual tasks and is entirely public (shared with everyone in your workspace); however, you can make it private if you have any security concerns. The lists can then be divided into groups and shared among your workspaces. As your projects or workflow evolve, you can add or remove tasks from the lists for each group as needed. Tasks are the smallest unit of the Flow, and they can be assigned directly from the app’s task form, the Quick Taskbar, or by sending emails. Updates, comments, files, and attachments are all recorded in the history of each task. The next scheduled task will automatically appear in your list when you update a task. 

Flow also has a chat feature that can be accessed from anywhere in the tool. You can chat instantly through a small thought bubble in the lower right corner of the screen. For mobile devices, there is a dedicated chat app. Each workspace has a dashboard to view, edit, and comment on your tasks. Every updated feed, such as all recent tasks and list activity, is constantly displayed on the dashboard. The dashboard is the ideal “landing page” in your Flow account because it provides live feeds of your work. One of the valuable features that most project management tools lack is a calendar. The calendar can be used to “create, edit, and reschedule upcoming tasks.” It can be configured to appear to everyone or just your upcoming tasks. You can see all of the future missions due on that particular day. Flow has security features to keep its users and their data safe. It also saves customer data every few seconds, ensuring that a backup is always available. If you aren’t in charge of large-scale project management, you can use this tool to its full potential. The design of Flow has always been admired for its simplicity and elegance. Clients and reviewers praised the tool’s speed of operation and its user-friendly interface, which allows users with varying levels of project management and computer knowledge to use it with ease. It was less expensive than it was previously. In recent years, you should also be aware that Flow has been evaluated by many project management teams, companies, and tech publications.

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