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What is Flowlu?

Flowlu is a cloud-based consumer relationship management (CRM) system for companies of all sizes in various industries. Teams can use the solution to manage lead generation to sales processes. Lead management, contact management, sales pipeline management, and invoicing are among the features offered by Flowlu. Users can use Flowlu to maintain track of tasks, phone calls, and notes from meetings. Users can also delegate tasks to other members of their team. Reporting can be used to view sales funnels, with each stage of the sales process highlighted differently. Users can use client details from Flowlu to produce personalized invoices. Flowlu integrates with Google Drive and Zendesk, among other apps. The solution also merges with payment processors such as Stripe, Paypal, and Skrill. Flowlu charges a monthly subscription payment for its services. The solution includes Android and iOS mobile apps and email, knowledge base, and community forums for support.

We want to give you a tool to manage your processes as smoothly as possible. That’s why the Flowlu team constantly adds new features and releases helpful product updates, both small and large. But we acknowledge how difficult it is to stay on top of all product updates, let alone try them all out. In this blog post, we’ll go over ten useful but often-overlooked features that will help you get the most out of your Flowlu experience. How can you ensure that a manager processes the opportunities on time and that no leads are missed during the automated creation process? When options are automatically created from email messages, set up a distribution queue to efficiently assign opportunities between salespeople. Specify the teammates you require, and once the opportunities have been made, they will be distributed evenly among them one by one. Some people prefer to read all of the comments in chronological order. In contrast, others prefer to see the most recent messages at the top. With just a few clicks in Flowlu, any user can change the sorting of their account’s comments. Each section — projects, opportunities, contacts, and so on — can have its sorting. Select the choice to collapse threads by default for teams whose discussions may take up a lot of screen space. Apply a project manager variable in the project workflows if the project managers tend to be task owners in their projects. When you create a new project, a relevant user who is a project manager will automatically replace you. Suppose you change the value of this field during the project execution, for example, by selecting a different user. In that case, only future tasks will be affected. Mark the email as completed if it does not require action, such as a reply or forward it to a teammate. This email will be moved from the opportunity’s “Planned” section or the CRM account activity feed in this case. This allows you to concentrate on what’s important right now rather than being distracted by additional information. Because salespeople are so busy, it’s all too easy for them to forget to follow up with potential clients. As a result, important clients and prospects are lost. Don’t worry, Flowlu can assist you. Activate the option for CRM module administrators to receive notifications on all opportunities. This feature keeps sales department heads up to date on all opportunities’ activities and allows them to take prompt action if a vital customer has not responded to his inquiry.

How can you see the total amount of all invoices issued this week without running a report? What about the sum of all expenses over the last six months? In all sections of the Finance module, use a total list row. It added up all of the data rows on the page to get the full amount, including filters and checked rows. Starting with the Business subscription plan, each account has the complete row list by default. What if you only want your teammates with “Employee” access to see their opportunities? To stop employees from viewing other people’s opportunities, go to the settings and turn on the option. Another feature of Flowlu is that it can deal with salespeople who tend to remove their lost opportunities to increase the deal win rate. All you have to do is check the box in the settings to prevent employees from deleting their options. Flow allows you to create email templates sent along with your invoices. They can also automatically remind your customers of pending payments or thank them for those made. Thank the customer for picking your company and including terms and contact information in the email. This is a huge time saver: rather than writing the same email every time you send an invoice, create a handy template and send it. Your knowledge base comes with a simplified version of the editor by default, which is missing a lot of features for creating knowledge base articles. However, only a few people know that your Flowlu account includes two versions of the article editor. The advanced features editor allows you to create a more complex article layout and includes features such as a customizable grid (columns), layers, a powerful table editor that allows you to adjust column widths, and other tools to help you create stunning content. You’ve probably seen this feature, but you’re probably not sure what it’s for. I need to know if one of my employees is available to call a potential customer today. However, if I mention him in a comment, he’ll probably miss it in his notification feed. However, his response is urgently required. In this case, I’d use the “Request a Response” option to ask my question. The comment feed shows whether or not a teammate has responded to your question, and the recipient will see whether or not they have answered. Starting with the Business subscription plan, the Request a response feature is enabled by default in each account.

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