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What is Focus@will?

Focus at Will is a Productivity Software that combines neuroscience and music to help you focus, reduce distractions, maintain productivity, and retain information while working, studying, writing, and reading. Focus@Will plays music designed to minimize distractions and help you keep your eyes on the task at hand, rather than making your inbox more searchable or ironing out the kinks in your PDF creation skills. Focus@Will also has some built-in productivity features that allow you to track your effectiveness, though they’re not very useful. The app’s main feature, however, is music. There are seven music styles to choose from, similar to “channels” in other online music streaming services, so you can find the sounds that suit you best. Classical, focus spa, up-tempo, alpha chill, acoustic, cinematic, and ambient music are among Focus@Will’s musical styles. For the most part, classical music consists of soothing orchestral music. Songs in the “focus spa” genre have a new-age vibe to them, and it’s the kind of music I’d listen to while getting a massage. Electronic music with many drums and bass is used in uptempo songs. Alpha chill has a cool, jazzy sound to it. Acoustical music features more guitar solos and other modern instrumentals than classical music. Cinematic is by far the creepiest option, as it contains movie soundtracks. Soundscape mixes, sometimes blended with a melody, sometimes not, are my personal favorite for helping me tune out outside noise.

When you first launch Focus@Will, you’ll see a timer that’s set to 100 minutes by default, but you can change it however many minutes you want. However, that button is a little finicky. It doesn’t always open the widget that allows you to change the minutes, and I had to try a few times to get it to work. Focus@Will is a unique productivity app/service that can help you tune out distractions by playing soothing instrumental music or electronica with repetitive beats. It’s still a young company, and it shows. The part about productivity could be a lot more solid. Your custom focus music, complete with a timer and productivity tracker. You won’t be charged when you cancel your free trial period. We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund after your trial period has ended. Focus@Will for Teams is available as a site license for a quick return on investment while providing teams with focused attention, fewer distractions, longer heads-down efficiency, and reduced stress. Neuroscientists have recently discovered that listening to certain types of personalized music while working or studying can help you focus, reduce distractions, and stay productive. Focus@will’s exclusive instrumental music library of Focus@will keeps your mind from falling into two bad habits: distraction and habituation. Distraction can come from anything in everyday life.

In contrast, habituation is caused by boredom with your surroundings or the task at hand. Our music is designed to keep you focused on your work by balancing your mind between distraction and habit. According to Focus@will’s research, our most active users have a 200-400 percent increase in focus time. In a one-hour focus@will session, the average productivity is 75%, far higher than most people who don’t use our service. We also notice a drop in usage on weekends, indicating that our subscribers use Focus@will primarily during work hours when they need to concentrate the most. Sound waves hit your eardrums and travel to your brainstem when you listen to music. Sound affects the locus coeruleus, or decision-making parts of the brain, and listening to the right music can help you focus and be more productive. The trick of Focus@will is to occupy your brain just enough to allow you to work without being distracted. Distractions reduce productivity and energy, causing team tension. Focus@will improve your employees’ ability to concentrate and stick with projects for the duration of their completion.

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